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  1. Good for you matey. Reality is a concept that seems to escape far too many people.


    Rather unfortunately, the ones who actually have a voice (generally by dint of shouting loud and long) have a tendency to try to mould reality to their own idea of what it should be, rather than what it actually is. Usually to the detriment of others.


    It's a conundrum. Those who garner the power to influence events seem always to be the ones who least deserve it.


    And as for "Movember", and "getting in touch with your feminine side", who the fuck came up with that arsewipery? Jeez, there are obviously some people around with far too much time on their hands…

  2. So growing a tash puts us men in touch with our feminine side? Seems a bit odd. My missus will be shaving hers off now.

  3. 'only a billionth of the population read my utterings.' 


    Oh, but what a billionth!  The best and finest or the worlds most cantankerous gits and gitesses.  As for the upper lip, mine has been known to make badgers fall in love at a thousand paces or more.  Pure bloody girl bait!  Oh, I can feel my feminine side right now, but it feels like the biggerst old load of B*ll*cks I have come across in a long time.

  4. As long as you keep writing Gandad  we who love ya will keep on reading.

    Oh, and in a post a few weeks ago I said you were the only blog I read and you were pleased but a bit surprised and sceptical, so I just wanted to confirm that you are indeed the only blog I read. So please don't stop writing because you have a great effect on my life, for what it's worth.

  5. I get the same type of things via email all the time.  I tell ya' it makes me pine for the days when all this crap via snail mail. Then, at least, I could use the stuff for starting the wood stove in the Winter. Now, all you can do is delete it from your inbox.


    Now, is it me or have your last 3 posts been rather vacant of comments? perhaps that new anti-spam plugin is working too good?

  6. In case someone visits this page in the future [hah!] there is a slight discrepancy here.

    The post claims there are 12 comments, but the more astute will notice that there are in fact only 7 [including this one].  You will also notice that I seem to have rudely ignored all the above comments.

    In fact I did leave comments individually but the fucking server went and ate them all and I can't remember what I sad.

    I blame the anti-smokers………

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