For the sake of the children — 13 Comments

  1. Vincent Browne on his show on the topic last week, astounded me by saying that, forty two children currently "in care", are ……………… missing. They've just fucked off and nobody knows where they are and appear to care even less. Naturally, nobody lost their job either. Those precious children would have been safer in an abusive home. And remember Grandad, smoking in front of children is child abuse, so you know how to get rid of the grandchildren should you need to !!!

    • I'm thinking of imposing smoking restrictions in the house here, for the sake of the grandchildren.  If they want to smoke, they can do it outdoors.  Hate the smell of cigarette smoke.

    • There is nothing like a good dose of Halloween to bring about a feeling of deep love for all children!  At least the little fucks steered weel clear of the Manor.  My techniques must be working at last.

      • Thank heavens 'Trick-or-Treat' doesn't seem to have caught on in Greece.  At least I haven't seen any marauding kids here, but we're out in the sticks.

  2. I got the glossy brochure today as well, can't find any details on the promised Senate referendum though. Wonder if they ….. forgot about that ??

    • Of course they've forgotten about that.  It fell foul of The Great Amnesia that befell the gubmint once the election was over and they realised they had the power.

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