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  1. You know you're getting old when….You find what looks like a really old coin,  you check the date and find out you're way older than the coin is!

    • Heh!  I wouldn't even have thought of that as it happens so often.  I still have quite a few coins of real money lying around.

  2. I must still be young then. I don't have a pill box, just the occasional paracetamol the morning after the night before. Everything else I treat with natural remedies – tobacco and alcohol mostly…

    • Best cure for the night before is a large greasy fry [with optional chaser]

      I'm not sure what the regular pill is for.  I think it has something to do with Foot and Mouth.  [It doesn't help matters when Doc actually trained as a vet].

  3. You're as old as you feel GD! 

    Would you not take that little break down to the South of France or wherever it was you were on about to get some sunshine?
    Put the dog in a kennel.. she'll might enjoy the company of the other doggies for a while too? 

    .. I was chatting to a beautician today, and I said to her is there anything I can do about wrinkles around my neck that are coming on?  Her answer to me was.. nope, the elasticity goes as you age,  it's a long slow crawl to the grave ha ha ha.    Lovely isn't it?   Bitch. 


    • "is there anything I can do about wrinkles around my neck"  They claim there may be a connection between wrinkles and smoking.  Take up smoking a pipe.  I still have cheeks like a baby's arse [where there is no beard].

      And poor Sandy went into a kennel for one of our foreign trips.  Never again.  [I mean for Penny.  Not Sandy. of course]

      • "Take up smoking a pipe"..  Maybe I will.. with a bit of the gongy thrown in too.   If you can't beat um, join um shur.  
        The yanky big oaf was definitely at it once or twice when I was there.  I was a bit annoyed about that. 

        (that he didn't offer me any!)  🙂

        • The great thing about the pipe is that you can smoke anything in it.  And I mean, .absolutely anything.

      • Always best to take your fur friend with you on vacation but sometimes that's not possible. They do have professional pet sitters over your way. It's what I do for a living. We go to your house and Penny would stay home in her own familiar environment. We generally make 2-3 visits per day depending on what the the "kids" people want and can afford. Some pet sitting businesses offer overnight care and will live in your house. That, of course is a wee bit more money. There is an organization called "Pet Sitters International" that has a pet sitter locator section where you can find sitters who serve your area. Make sure they are bonded and insured. Interview them well before you have any travel plans, get several references and trust your gut.  If there is a way to private msg me I'd be happy to help you know what questions to ask a prospective pet sitter. 

        • Welcome Marianne!  We only used kennels three or four times.  A couple of times we kenneled them when taking short breaks, but the last time was for five weeks.  Our poor Sandy was in a terrible state when we returned – she hadn't eaten and was hoarse from barking.  It wasn't the kennel's fault, but if you have a dog that is very attached then maybe kennels are a bad idea.  Most other times we went abroad our daughter moved in here to mind the house and dog which suited everyone.  From now on though, I imagine we will probably bring the dog with us.  

    • Welcome Cait!  Our recycling goes out fortnightly which is very damn confusing.  That's where my mobile phone reminder thing comes in handy.

      Thanks for the link, by the way!  Reciprocated.

    • I thought iPods were for reading books on?  Or is it the iTablet, and an iPod is a sort of confusing Walkman?  I'm still trying to come to grips with my plain ordinary mobile phone.  And it is NOT an iPhone, before you ask.

    • Good grief!  That is a good memory.  I only know when mine needs filling when I find it's empty.  Of course I get confused then – did I take that day's dose or not?

  4. My pills don't get the time to go in a seven day box……I gobble them raw from the packets…..the little jewels of pain relief…..they look resplendent in their multi colours, then I'm ready to go firing on all cylinders…..albeit with the odd puff of blue smoke heh!

    GD Is the spell check here Mercan? 'Cos colours is getting the red wiggles underneath and color ain't.

    • Don't talk to me about those fucking bubble-packs!  Why is it that they are designed to always ping the tablet into the least accessible place in the room?

      I don't even know how the spell check works.  Is it part of the site, or part of your browser?

      • Urm…yes. Two actually, I'm sad to say. At least one of those pills went back to being neon red so there's a bit of color in the pill box now. White, peak-ed yellow, slightly orange and puke green was getting a bit dull.

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