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  1. So, let's get this straight, if I sleep standing up I'm going to live forever? Or is it only sitting down that I mustn't do?

    I'm off to weed the veg' patch——oh but that means kneeling down!!!!


    • No, no, no, no.  You have it all wrong.  If you sleep standing up your chances of death are 100%.  If you sleep lying down your chances of death are 200%.  Simple.

      Interestingly, he doesn't mention kneeling?

  2. "Oh for fuck’s sake!"


    Yup. That seems to be an appropriate reaction. It's a bit like (according to the Surgeon General) "Half of regular users of cigarettes will die."


    So what about the other half? Assured immortality? Sounds like a worthwhile gamble to me. Win win. I get to enjoy my tobacco, and I have a 50% chance of living forever.


    Oh for fuck's sake…

  3. Where is he? where is the cunt who wrote that crap, GD? In the course of my career I spent most of my time fucking standing.

    Apart from the varicose veins from, standing and fucking bad back, from standing, which pains me on a daily basis, I'm not too bad.

    I will admit standing poses a challenge to gravity and being vertical. I used to be taller heh!

    To be seated….oh! for fucking joy…If I'd had a quid for every time I wished for a chair, just a bog standard wooden one, splinters and all, I'd be a Millionaire. Would I have worried about Death…..Fuck no! Too many times I felt like Death from Standing.

    To have been seated for all those years would have meant NO FUCKING PILLS like your seven day thing, GD.

    I think Michael O'Leary would be a believer in the seated and death thing. Has'nt he been playing with the idea of standing all his passengers up on flights?

    FFS is right



    • The cunt that wrote it is probably out touting for finance for a study to prove that standing increases your chance of death by 300%.

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