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  1. Ah ha ! I smell a "hidden agenda" here.


    No TV = no license fee = no pension for Grandad.




  2. Spot on GD.  I don't watch much telly myself, but last night I watched Pat Kenny on Frontline. Why am I doing this to myself I wondered? It was about the banks not lending even though they've been given billions to do just that.    He completely talks over any audience member he speaks to.. finishing off what they want to say.   I know they're trying to make the programme fast paced and exciting and have you on the edge of your seat and all that,  but he's one fucking annoying fucking tool and I get the urge to smash his face in when watching – (bit much hey?)  🙂   He is very annoying though. 

    Caught a couple of mins of the Late Late on Friday evening too, where Turberty came out with a baby.. had to switch off. I just couldn't do it to myself.  Not him. Just couldn't.  I might chance him again in another few weeks.. when I'm feeling more tolerant of twats.

    • I had the misfortune to see a bit of that Frontline myself.  I switched off after a bit as it was just too fucking depressing.  Frontline in general is just a constant reminder of how fucked up this country really is, with politicians either blaming "the other lot" or promising to bring in legislation "sometime in the future".  It's programmes like that that remind me why I rarely watch television.

      As for the Plank and Twiglet – can't stand either of them.    I haven't watched the Late Late in years. 

      • That's what I was thinking too.. depressing and Pat Kenny is fucking annoying.   
        It's difficult too to think his sympathy for people who can't get a loan is genuine, considering his substantial salary.

        And yeah, it's the same mantra coming from the lot of them.. 'we inherited this mess, bla bla'

        The only thing I consistently watch for a few mins each night is a programme called Sexcetera..  said the same to the housemate a few weeks back too and she looked at me with a shocked face. What's wrong with people at all?   Manic repression?

  3. I do love a good rant at all the gubmint propaganda infomertials.  'Switch off, don't leave things on standby, save electricity' they wail.  Funny thing is though, it takes 10 times as much electric to get TV to you with digital than it does analogue!!!  I can feel another rant coming on!!!!!*%!

    • I love leaving things on standby.  Our living room is lit up like Santa's Grotto every night with all the little different coloured lights.  It's quite pretty.

  4. Saorview? Is that really what they call the Irish equivalent of UK Freeview?  If they are going to start mixing Irish and English in a single word where will it all end? 

    • 'Fraid so.  It could be worse though.  They could have invented an "Irishised" version such as "carr" or "telefon" [for non-native Irish speakers, they translate to “car” and “telephone” respectively].

      Hows about Freebhiew?

  5. It's almost as if some committee decided to deliberately fuck everything up on the TV front and paid a team of specialist consultants to do it … oh – they did. Right then … Same here in perfidious Albion. Digital TV is bollox – just a superfluity of mindless shite to keep the masses from rioting on the streets as their country is sold down the river.

    They're on the point of bollocksing the FM radio system too for a rickety half-arsed digital radio set-up that only works in fits and starts, here and there. And needs three times the power to make it go.

    I'll stick to reading me books and drinking Pusser's best 🙂  Oh – and searching for that elusive diet that will stop my faithful hound from farting like a bloody rhinocerus every five minutes after his tea…

    • If you are looking for the committee that ordered this mess then you don't need to look very far.  The usual suspects?  [Hint – I wrote about 'em yesterday!]

      Regarding the dog… have you considered using a cork?  It can be quite entertaining when pressure builds beyond criticality.

      • You could crumble a bit of charcoal into his feed.  Cuts out the whiff but does not reduce the entertainment element one bit!

        • Thanks chaps.

          Must keep the entertainment aspect going Fruitbat;-)  .. especially when the sneaky wee bugger tries to blame it on me …

  6. If I don't buy a Saorview box, it means that I cannot receive Television Signals. This means that My TV's receiving capacity is obsolete.

    Since The TV License is for a Television Receiver and mine is not capable of receiving the signals, could this mean I no longer have to pay for a license that is not relevant to my TV.

    GD you're pension might be under threat if all those people, not buying Saorview boxes have the same notion.

    • To the best of my knowledge, a licence must be held by anyone possessing a device which is capable of receiving TV signals.  This would presumably [in the eyes of our ever fair and just legal system] cover any television set whether or not there are signals being transmitted.  It would probably even cover that old black and white, 405 line museum piece in the garden shed you had forgotten about.

      One must know the law in order to avoid it.

      Anyway they are talking about introducing a blanket tax to replace the TV licence, gathered from all households.  I am fully in favour of this.  My pension is safe.

      • I heard something about the "blanket Tax"….Jesus GD don't be giving The Gubmint ideas. There would be a Duvet and Pillow Tax to follow that.

        I think everyone now has access to Television with Smart phones, Computer Laptops and other portable devices.

        This is what they are after to replace the TV License and secure the revenue from same. No doubt, the Budget will reveal a raft of horrors to be levied at us all with this one included.

          • Beloved Daughter-In-Law reported just yesterday that " the bastardin' TV license man just caught [her] on the hop" and confirmed that even having a laptop or iPhone in residence means she's liable.

            Good grief.

            Just out of (American) curiosity, how much does said license cost?

          • Duh … clicked through the above-referenced post and found the 160 euro figure.  Next question, what does that cover?  All 7000 channels of inanity or do you have to pay extra for them?

            Kinda funny in the context of our gubmint situation over here at the moment, debating defunding Big Bird and all that.

            • In the Good Old Days you just needed the television set.  Now you have to add a digital decoder to that [even if you only want the local stations]  If you want all 7000 channels of unadulterated poo you have to pay through the nose for that too.

              • You also need so many boxes under the TV there's no room to see the TV.

                Satelite Box, Saorview Box, DVD Box, VHS Box, Sky box, too many fucking boxes.

                I suppose someone has brought out a TV that incorporates all the above, the so called Smart Television and it costs more than an arm and a leg.

                Smart TV….WTF is that? How can a Telly be fucking smart?

  7. Make a bonfire of the old tv set to avoid prosecution for possessing an usable tv set without a licence. After that just watch YouTube on the aul computer – and learn how to download free movies too. Real life is possible without Kenny and Tubridy. You haven't lived until you stop watching Dustin the Turkey either.

    • Much better to just turn the old set into an aquarium.  At least then you could use it to watch something exciting and entertaining?

  8. …an un-usable tv set…  is what I meant to say. Reading Chinese all day makes my English eyesight dislexic/diselectric/diselectrolisis/disESB/antidisestablishmentarianism, or whatever the fancy word happens to be.

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