The C word — 26 Comments

  1. One of the joys (and there are not that many) of living in a Muslim country is that the C word is just not mentioned.

    • Good grief!  Has north Wicklow turned Muslim?  I’m not really surprised though, the way they allowed anyone immigrate here.

  2. Quite honestly if I went into some shop to buy an armchair or sofa and they promised delivery by a day that is nearly twelve fucking weeks away I would tell them to forget it.
    I would expect delivery this week.
    I had a boss whose response to any supplier was ,  “Today, of cause I want it today.   If I wanted tomorrow, I would order it tomorrow”

    • Spot on.  If a company feels it has to guarantee a delivery within twelve weeks, I would hate to see what they are like for the rest of the year!

  3. Timing is everything … went to my friendly local IKEA for household staples today and was accosted by C-word decor at checkout.  As it’s 80 degrees F here today (in Philadelphia), I did quite the calendar doubletake.

  4. That’s what I liked about furniture shopping in Spain. I paid for the goods, then got asked “Would you like that delivered tomorrow morning or this afternoon?”

    • heh!  Sounds reasonable to me.  So why does that ad have to worry about a twelve week delay?  One of the great mysteries of the advertising world..

  5. These adverts are bad enough, as ads go; between singing CG dogs and spaceships. But they could at least get a fuckwit who can pronounce e’K’cetera  without the K.

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