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  1. Looks a lot neater. I’m glad you didn’t change the header. One of the best features.
    As long as you don’t start placing adverts for vodafone and the like on here. Apart from wrecking my head they slow down the page upload.

    • I wanted to keep the design as simple and plain as possible so that it doesn’t detract from the brilliance and wit of my writing.

      I did toy with the idea of advertising [help pay running costs and the like] but as you say – they’re a pain in the hole.

      • Looks fine to me and typeface is a bit bigger which is good. 
        Personally I preferred the older header before you replaced it with the current one.
        Oh and by the way, I presume you decided on the little avatars that now appear against each posters reply.
        On what criteria are these chosen?
        I demand a tribunal to look into this.

  2. Actually the typeface and size are theoretically the same, but the text does look a lot clearer.  Which old header?  The one with the knockers?  I’ll send you the file [only €10, as it’s you].

    If you want your own avatar [for this and every other site] just nip over to and grab one, or even make one.

    • DAMN!  This is supposed to be under Mossy’s comment.  I must have hit the wrong fucking “reply”.

      Anyhows, now you all know where to get avatars!

    • That’s good.  It is supposed to be as near as possible to the old, though there are some trivial changes.  The Search thingy used to be in the head, but now it’s at the side. There are some fiddly bits of extra text and a line or two extra. Also I can reply to comments individually!  😀

  3. Resize your browser window (top right between the hyphen and the X and then gab a handle and play. It works really well. I am impressed.

    • Now that you mention it – I’m impressed too.  This is a pretty nice theme to work with.

      Mind you, it looks lousy on a 1″ screen.   😐

    • It’s fairly well fortified, though some spam does get through.  I’ll have a look at that plugin [thanks!].  Not sure how it works.  Does it make the whole site invisible?  That would stop the spam all right.

  4. ‘Jesus Grandad’, I had a look at the blog finalists and here in there with a pile of wimmin. In Fact, you’re the only langer there. I can see why you are tidying up a bit on the site !

    • There’s a load of wimmin in there all right.  They are somewhat less all pervasive in the Humour category.  That must mean something?

  5. Thanks Kirk M – I can now wee the wee critter!!
    Don’t you just love meercats!
    And by the way GD I mean the ads on the telly not on your lovely website.

    • Those fucking meercats annoy me simply because they are everywhere.  Every fucking channel seems to have them.  Soon they’ll have their own dedicated satellite chanel.

  6. A’hem…just saying, you’ve updated, got into the swing, so… just saying.

    Actually GD your new format is really good, and also wanted to test out my new avatar, never had one before, may I ask, what does it eat, is dog food okay?

  7. Ah, isn’t this just lovely now? I see you got everything straightened out real nice and all, including the comment section. And you went the minimal route on all the fancy WYSIWYG buttons up top too. Shows real sofist sophsi sophisit style it does. Nicely done lad. (pretty good on the vernacular for a damn yank don’t you think?)

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