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  1. Works for me too. I have to wait about 3 to 4 seconds before the fancy links and latest posts per show up but that’s more a matter of plugin functionality than anything else especially if the “fancy list” plugin has to contact an external server or some such nonsense as that. Nice to see that I’m one of the more up-to-date sites in the list–amazingly enough.

  2. There are some blogs that seem to appear and shine brilliantly and then just disappear – which is a pity.

    I’m not sure how old the average blog is, I fear some of us are approaching the antique stage! 

  3. Mossy – I haven’t finished trawling through them yet! How out of date should they be before I decide they are dead though?  Some people don’t post that often!

    Kirk M – I predume the plugin waits until the page has loaded before kicking in, which produces the delay.  At least there is something to look at while it’s working.  If it kicked in before loading the page, most people would assume the page was dead!

    Ian – You have been around even longer than me, haven’t you?  That raises an interesting question – which is the longest running site on my list?  And I am not going to wade through the archives of each one to find out!

  4. I started mine in May 2004

    (Though I post all the scam letters I receive with 1970 dates – that seems to be the beginning of time for the Internet – I’m amazed how often people arrive on the site having used addresses from the scams as their search terms)

  5. tt – There y’are!!  I was getting worried.  Life is very quiet without your sarcastic comments and nasty remarks.

    Ian – I’m impressed!  Over eight years?  That must make you one of the longest running in the country? 

  6. Let’s see now, my old site will be 7 years come February. It’s actually a bit older if I consider it’s first iteration on other blogging platforms but several first posts went missing during the various transitions to DYI WordPress install so they don’t count. I’m pretty amazed that WordPress (and me) have held up this long. 😉

  7. Kirk, Grandad moved my site from blogger to its own address in February 2007. He said he knew a couple of guys with a truck who would do the job and, apart from a few posts falling off when the truck hit potholes, the blog arrived safely and has been living quietly and peacefully ever since.

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