When injustice becomes law — 9 Comments

  1. I would suspect that my house in the Willow Grove is not unlike your own as there are no similar properties near it.
    Also, like you, as house on the same little back lane has been on the market for (must be at least) four years. Mind you, the garden is very much overgrown and the owner is s a cunt but I’m just saying.

  2. Mossy – Hah!  Are you saying that the house comes with the owner as part of the bargain?  That would put me off too, cunt or not!

  3. I don’t think so GD!!
    Just that his attitude would not charm potential buyers.
    So how are they going to value these properties is,as you rightly say, the burning question.
    I mean, can you get your local friendly auctioneer to do it?
    “Ah jaysus Mick it’s not possibly worth that much. Knock a few thousand off just for old times sake and I’ll buy you a pint or three tonight”

  4. The “Troika” demanded that the gubmint here institute a property tax, which they have done. The formula is quite simple. They rate according to area, and then tax you per square metre according to the area band you fall in. My area is taxed at €3 per sq. m. per annum. The square meterage is also the basis for the local council tax (property tax goes to central government). Cleverly, they have done with the new property tax what they have done with the local taxes (and the TV licence fee) for years – they get the State Electricity supplier to add it to your electricity bill (the new property tax is split into five payments) so if you don’t pay it….get the candles out. Tricksy, huh?

  5. Is that a property tax along with the VAT tax?  That’s insane. Here in the US we’ve been paying property taxes since I don’t know when.  We’ve never had a VAT tax, but I fear that’s not too far off.  I’ve just got one question; Why is it getting warm, and why are we in this handbasket?

  6. Mossy – It’s going to be like the old days with rates.  There will be a Ratable Value and a True Value [whatever the latter is!]  I went through all that malarkey when calculating Inheritance Tax. 

    Nisakiman – The Revenue has kindly agreed to collect the house tax for us, which means if anyone is in the system at all, they will be screwed.  It’s not a case of not paying as the cash will be deducted at source.  How they are going to divert the correct amounts to the various councils is another cynical question.

  7. Patrick – We pay VAT at varying rates on everything [except food and a couple of other things].  That is after we pay Income Tax and the Universal Social Charge [i.e another tax].  Of course we also pay excise duty on smokes, alcohol and petrol.  Now we are about to enjoy a water charge and a Property Tax.  That excludes all the other taxes we pay such as parking fees [another tax, basically], Road Fund Licence [car tax] Credit Card Duty [tax], Airport Tax and all the other jolly little ways the fuckers like screwing us.  I think we have already arrived in the Hot Place.

  8. Peacock – I doubt they’ll try that here.  The Catholic Church doesn’t exactly have a very good reputation here at the moment!

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