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  1. Hear hear Grandad!
    I’m quite a while away from retirement myself (and probably longer than I realise if this shower keep moving the retirement age). For my age I guess I would be perceived as having an old-fashioned attitude in that I work hard for everything I have and I don’t like debt so I save for what I need. I’m moving heaven and earth to pay off my mortgage so that I am beholden to nobody. I save for retirement, pay my tax and never claimed benefits but I am heartily sick of having my pocket picked to clear the debts of those less responsible than I.
    Apparently they’re called “The L’Oreal Generation” after those ads. I for one don’t believe they’re worth it.

  2. I’m glad you responded as you have these little shits never done a days real work in their live another gobshite school teacher like Jelly bean Kenny. Today in Spain tens of thousands out on the streets protesting the austerity cuts Ireland they just sit back and take anything that’s dished out.

  3. When I first read that article I damn near blew my top.  I am one of the fortunate few who has never known a day when I wasn’t employed.  Therefore I have never taken a red cent out of the system but by God I have put more than my fair share in.  The work I did was often very hard, and sometimes outright dangerous but I always persevered as I had a family to support and a mortgage to pay.  

    Now that little cunt reckons I have too much?  That little fuck was still in nappies when I was out in all weather contributing towards my pension.  Jayzus but I would love to see the little turd try to last even a week in my old job.  He soon would have been at home crying for his mammy.

  4. Go way you ole moneybags GD.. you doth protest too much I thinks.
    Give us a loan will ya?  I’ve squandered everything..  can’t be helped, it’s the generation thing.

  5. Feck off outa that!  You should be ashamed of yourself.  My daughter tried at that game and failed.  Now I’m spending her inheritance.

  6. You’re right too GD.  Don’t leave a penny to any of the offspring. 

    I tells the mother to do the same.. we’ll always have to the house.
    (to sell to pay for a nursing home, at the first smell of pee off her )

    Come to think of it, you know what seems pretty popular in the U,S. now, is these reversable mortgages aimed at pensioners, who’ve paid off their mortgages but need a little extra income.
    They pay you so much every month till you pop  – there or thereabouts – then they get to keep your house.   
    You could tell no one.. just don’t go too mad with your extra few bob every month.. they won’t know till it’s too late.

  7. Heh!  Do you think I haven’t already investigated that little game?  I only have one shot at this life lark and I intend to make the most of it!  😈

  8. Jesus Grandad, you speak for thousands – including over here in Perf. Albion.Could you bellow this gently into the earhole of Mrs. Cameron’s little boy? The bastard seems to think that we are just a load of open wallets to be emptied. 

  9. Caratacus – What really pissed me about that gobshite was his attitude – “Hey! These people have money! Haw dare they.  We have to take it off them immediately”   It seems to be a common thread running through most countries these days.  We are all apparently just mindless drones waiting to be mugged and robbed at will.

    Slab – When the fuck is the revolution starting?  I have had enough of this.

  10. The Chinese people are practitioners of spartan living. I see in these dying autumnal days lots of wiry little pensioner women of peasant demeanour busily gathering wild leafy plants – not dissimilar to young dandelion leaves – to take home and stir-fry in oyster sauce. I see old men along rivers and canals with fishing lines. They catch little silver ones from the murky green water the size of minnows and sprats. When they’ve caught twenty or so they carry them home swimming in a plastic bucket, to stirfry in oyster sauce, soya sauce or something of unknown exotic provenance. This free food that nature bestows, Grandad, seems to supplement what trifling pensions these people worked forty years for during Mao’s revolutionary days.

    I have read your cri de coeur about the Irish state wanting to tax your pension. If it does I can see a future where thousands of men aged 60+ spend their mornings catching sprats and eels from the Royal Canal; and I have visions of thousands of grandmas roaming the fields and city parks harvesting dandelion leaves. That could lead to a run on the sale of rubber underwear too.

    That guy Hayes has got to be stopped. Incontinence on a national level is too unthinkable to think about.

  11. So well said Grandad!
    It’s the same here in the US. The Repuglicans (not an error in spelling) keep screaming about how they have to do away with all these “entitlements” like Social Security and Medicare. Like “entitlements” is a bad word.
    Of course I’m bloody entitled to them, you stupid gits, I paid into them every fucking payday for 40 years. That’s my money!
    What the hell!
    Yet so many lemmings in this country just keep voting these jerks into office and wondering why the country is collapsing around them.
    Thanks for the rant space.

  12. There seems to be an movement in most governments that say that if you have any money, then they are entitled to it.  Anyone who has an income or a healthy bank balance which has been achieved by a lifetimes hard work is none of their business.  They do NOT have any entitlements whatsoever. 

    I paid into my pension fund at a time when I really could not afford to do so, but I did it on the simple understanding that when I retired I would be paid a reasonable sum every month.  It is my pension paid out of my pension fund that I paid for out of my wages.  Any attempt to take any part of that pension is theft, pure and simple.

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