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  1. I gave up on the telly years ago. Scores of channels and every one of them pure shite.
    These days I download movies (shhh – don’t tell anyone) and for the occasional things we want to watch live – F1 for me and Man United (??? Egad!) for the missus – I just stream them on the desktop. If they’re on Brit terrestrial channels, I have a VPN I use (not allowed to watch UK TV if you live elsewhere for some stupid reason), if they’re on satellite, there are a few good streaming sites out there that for a small fee give access to all areas.

  2. Mossy – Nonsense.  It’s just a gentle let-down with no tears or tantrums.

    Nisakiman – The only problem with watching stuff on a laptop is that the screen is so damn small.  I suppose I could always hook it up to a soon-to-be-redundant television?

  3. I have a 22″ flat screen monitor, which I guess is small by today’s standards, but it does for us. Of course, these days you can get these humungous flat screen TVs which have a USB port, and you just plug ’em in to the computer and away you go. I might get one when the price comes down to my level…

  4. Nisakiman – I’m stuck with a 17″ laptop screen.  The television is a good bit bigger so I’m thinking of permanently wiring it to the laptop once all the signals have “been switched off”.  It’s going to be difficult to carry around though….

    Slab – I would have though a lack of understanding the language would be a bonus?  At least then you can imagine they are saying something intelligent?

  5. Slab, the TV here is, if you can envisage the possibility, considerably worse than that available on the English speaking channels. And I have the additional problem of actually understanding a lot of it…
    It reminds me of many years ago when I was travelling in India. I met an English chap who had gone to the trouble of learning Hindi, and I expressed my envy at his being able to understand all that was being said around him. His reply was to the effect that it was to his eternal regret that he had ever learned the language, because everyone talked utter crap, and that at least when he didn’t understand he could imagine they were saying something intelligent.

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