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  1. notice the theme though? – Nah
    he fuck do people do that – ‘cos they have good eyesight and don’t understand those who don’t – the bastards!
    does anyone notice? – Nah
    “Archive” text on the side panel try to slide behind the drop-down thingy – Because it’s followed by a choice box that has no padding while the others are followed by new paragraph text which has automatic top space padding?
    Why do the little black spots look like they are suffering from brewer’s droop? – Because the base of the black spot sits on the same ‘imaginary line’ that denotes the base of the following text or image, you need it to line up with the middle of the next item to make it look level (or maybe use a bigger spot same height as the text so the top and bottom of spot and text line up)?
    I’m knackered now – thinking mid afternoon, what is your game?

  2. Your brewer’s droop is caused by the padding-bottom: 18px in your h4 style element (line 63 or there abouts in your css), having it at 0px should allow the spot to sit along side the text.


  3. Woodsy & Markvader [and welcome M!] – I passed this over to He Who Knows About These Things and he thanks you.  He managed to fix the brewer’s droop but is still muttering obscenities about the theme I use.

    A Grandad – True, but it’s more a case of being a bit past its Sell By.  Actually, that’s quite appropriate??

  4. I find your site design to be just about perfect, it is both neat and professional. Highly legible with no hideous theme screwing things up.
    Why is it that “new and improved” commonly brings the opposite. My vote – Don’t change a thing…..

  5. What scares me is that the comment made by Markvader actually makes sense to some people.  If this computer doesn’t work when I hit the on button, I’m screwed!

  6. Nigel – [*blush*] How could I possibly change it after that?

    Patrick – HWKATT seemed to understand it.  He nodded sagely and tweaked the site and next thing my balls didn’t have brewer’s droop any more.  [I think I could have rephrased that a bit better?]

  7. I defer to the technical knowalls who have helpfully commented on your post, Grandad. However, mutatis mutandis (google that if you didn’t do Sanskrit in the Leaving), If it Works don’t Fix it.

    Post more photos. I liked the doggy snaps and the photo of your garage underneath which may be* a secret bunker for growing magic mushrooms. I can smell them in your frying pan, and the rich roast aroma of cannabis-flavoured filter coffee. Go to work on an egg, as the advertisment went.

    *CIA and Chinese analysts are still waiting for incriminating details before they press the missile buttons.

  8. ” He nodded sagely and tweaked the site and next thing my balls didn’t have brewer’s droop any more”.  That’s wonderful GD.. we can clearly see the improvement there.  🙂 

    You’re getting as bad as me for the  Benny Hill type comments.
    Keep it up. 

    Anyways, I think the site is perfect.  And you can’t improve on perfection shur.

  9. Ger – More photos?  Of what?

    Ian – He still has nightmares about that. 

    Anne – Double entendres may or may not be intentional.  It’s difficult to avoid ’em sometimes.

  10. More photos of pet dogs, magic mushrooms, and what the papparazzi call Sensational Revelations. A good photo is worth a thousand words, Grandad.

  11. Patrick,

    I hit the computer itself to make it work, and now you’re telling me there is a button ??


    It’s the musings we are all queueing for, not the packaging they come it. I’d log on everyday if it were a hand scribbled A4, scanned badly. 

  12. Ger – I’ll see what I can do.  I’ll have to buy a telephoto lens first though.

    John – Philately will get you everywhere.

  13. Interesting question all around. Yes, the theme is well past it’s “use by” date yet it still works well for all accounts. I know where you got the theme, when you got the theme and who the author was. Same author who built the “Misty” theme I used to use on JT. I finally switched (to Weaver II) when the author stopped develo0pment on his themes. Since then I’ve gone strictly WordPress default (Weaver II and TinyMCE started arguing with each other). All of which has nothing to do with the question at hand of course.
    I’d say stick with what you have for now. I’m sure there’s an old dusty test site tucked away in the garret somewhere that you can haul out, clean up, update and try out new themes on, yes?

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