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  1. Funny that – I can’t access any site in under a week if I try Internet Explorer but Google Chrome works just fine.   My nephew, who knows about these things, reckons I’ve inadvertently downloaded a “Bomb” whatever that is.
    I’m changing the laptop in a couple of weeks – hope that cures it.
    I may go quiet in October……… 

  2. Meltemian – Well, if you insist on using Internet Explorer………!  And a bomb is a thing that goes bang.

  3. Blimey – just checked the posts, you have been quiet haven’t you?
    It’s not a CIA plot is it?  
    Maybe they’re intercepting everything………or perhaps it’s the Anti-smoking Lobby…..or maybe Jedward’s agent.
    Where’s everyone gone?
    Looks like a plot to me!

  4. My internet thingy is working better than ever – ie faster – after stripping out all the phone extensions and rubbish wiring from the house. But – and it’s a big but – in the past few weeks at varying times trying to open a web site from a link on another site locks up for indeterminate lengths of time, from a couple of seconds until I reboot the router. And I am fairly sure I don’t have a logic bomb. I am also in England so on a different bit of internet to you. I am fairly sure the backbone is being messed with or filtered or surveiled or all three.

  5. I’m having the same issues both at work and at home (different cities) and while I was away on business (hence the lack of visits though did I try) let me know if you find a solution…

  6. My Internet/Innerweb/WWW thingy is running fine, just so you know. 25 Mbps down and 3.5 Mbps up. Not bad for a (cable) connection rated at 6Mbps.
    Have you tired plugging the laptop in directly via Ethernet cable instead of connecting via Wi-Fi? Nothing like a stupid check to kill some time you know.

  7. Woodsy & Cat – What I was getting was that damned “Connection timed out” message all the time.  It was happening on all sites and not just my own.  Did anyone else find this?

    Kirk M – Now you are just bragging.  Some of have to make do with 3 megathings as it’s the best we can get.

    Ying –  Wha? My browser is squeaky clean, thanks very much.  I washed it only last week.

    The CIA – I know that.  Something so widespread and technical is way beyond you lot.

  8. Next time it runs slow GD try resetting the router – ie. turn off, leave 10 secs and then switch on again. Mine is always getting its pants in a twist and it only affects browsing. The reset always works for me.

  9. Good thinking, Ripper.  I’ll try that [though it’s still behaving itself at the moment].  I could always give Herself and the dog a boot too??  Can’t do any harm?

  10. Maybe there was a aolar flare up GD.
    Maybe it’s the wind and the rain..

    Maybe there’s something running in the backround that’s using up the bandwidth that you forgot about?

    Have you tried a restart?

    If that doesn’t work.. I hear they have super fast broadband over in Finland. 
    If you don’t mind 9 months of artic weather, would it be worth looking into retiring over there?

  11. Go to and download Spybot search and destroy.

    Run this and you will be astonished at the shit it digs out.  It pulled up 377 items the first time on mine, and I don’t go in for the more ‘adventurous’ sites.

  12. Thanks for that Robert.  I use Linux here so I am relatively free of all the little nasties that people try to throw at me.  So I can’t run it and I doubt it would find anything it would find suspect?

  13. Anne – “over in Finland” You trying to get rid of me?  They have great broadband in Korea too, and I ain’t going there neither.

  14. “damned “Connection timed out” message” —
    Yes, I get plenty of those too Grandad, but not always. Sometimes it’s just very slow and other times it just sits there for ever with a little circle running round pretending it’s loading.  It’s generally OK on mail servers, just web pages seem to be affected and google blogs are sometimes really bad.

  15. The thing that puzzles me is that things were very bad yesterday and the day before but today it has been grand.  I know there was a spot of bother over at Godaddy but that’s the only problem I have heard of in the last few days.

  16. Whenever you report a problem to our IT guy his first response is always “Did you try turning it off & back on again?”, maybe you should try it, he does have a degree, we’re still not sure what its’s in though.

  17. Not for nuthin’, and apologies if someone further up in the comments has already noted this, but of late several hacker groups – to include Anonymous- have been proliferating a variety of DNS poisoning attacks against major ISPs.

    Without DNS resolution your human-friendly URLs won’t respond; if only partially poisoned, a name server somewhere down the line will eventually resolve the site, but slowly, obviously.

    DNS isn’t really needed, of course: one could input the IP, but will soon become less of an optin as IPv6 slowly wends its way into place; that notation is a wonder to behold.

    One of the more recent victims was GoDaddy, which seemingly hosts half the world, albeit somewhat scantily….

  18. Blackwatertown – A gentle tap with a lump-hammer?  One of life’s cure-alls.

    Lafsword – Turn what off and on?  The Interweb?  Where’s the switch?  😈

    Slab – Sure most of the Interweb is Linux!

    Doc – That did cross my mind, but then I would have expected someone to have mentioned it.

  19. “…but then I would have expected someone to have mentioned it.”


  20. “Not that anyone visits the site these days”

    ScUUUUUZE me but last I knew I was still somebody and I like the comments as much as your ramblings sometimes.  

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