Planning — 5 Comments

  1. The Auvergne is nice (and has a very fine rugby team) – but I think if I were going that far I would go to Burgundy (Beaune is beautiful)

  2. Cat – I have no idea whether I would or wouldn’t.  I know nothing about the area apart from it being fill of volcanoes [extinct, I hope].

    Ian – Maybe you should be my [spirit] guide?  You know more about the regions of France than I.  Though you may omit the sporting references if you like].

  3. “Why do I keep drifting in the direction of the Auvergne region?” 
    I haven’t a notion GD..   why do you keep drifting in the direction of the Auvergne region?

    Stop talking about it and go! 🙂
    Bon vogage.

  4. Anne – “Stop talking about it and go!”  Can’t for two reasons.  One is that it takes over six months to get a pet passport for the dog [and I ain’t abandoning her so soon after rescuing her], and the pension doesn’t stretch to it this year.

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