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  1. Strangely I too live in a backwater (in the North of Wicklow) and can see the entrance to my humble abode albeit, as you say, quite old.
    It is a very quiet lane/road with only a few bungalows yet it too is on Google. 
    The “overview” actually gives the names of the individual bungalows (there are no street number) but they got one letter wrong in the spelling of my place!!!
    If you look at the bottom left you will see (in my case anyway) that the images are from 2009.

  2. Mossy – It still amuses me that Wicklow is done in fairly high detail [though they replaced one series of satellite photographs of Avoca with a set that only shows cloud!] yet the West is still just blurry green space.  The Sahara has better coverage than Ireland.

    Jim C – That’s why I’m contemplating a move to the West!

  3. That looks like a very rare sighting of one of the lesser known eastern pygmie dolmens there in yer garden. No wonder big brother Google Maps is interested.

  4. Your car appears to be hiding from someone.  Have you outrun the police in their attempt to ticket you again?

  5. Not Green – Not so pygmy if you don’t mind!

    Patrick – Not hiding, just overgrown.  I have been cured with over fertile soil and everything grows like the clappers.  I have to cut the car out most days as the hedge tries to consume it.  That’s supposed to be a wire fence to the left of the gate.  Hah!  It’s just a mass of brambles,, but at least I get a feed of blackberries when I open or close the gate.

  6. What are you hiding in your garage bunker? A missile silo? A GM tobacco growing experiment using ultraviolet heating to stimulate growth? A GM magic mushroom growing project? You’re going to have to put dud regristration plates on the car from now on, too.

  7. Ger – Yes to most of those.  And the dud registration plates went on years ago, though I do change ’em occasionally.

  8. I’m waiting for them to put up a photo looking into my front window.  If they catch me in my curlers and such it might make some eyes bleed.  Hey also Grandad I’m reminding you to remind me to remind my friends to vote for you on the blog contest. I tried doing it already but I guess I have to wait till later in the day. 

  9. Marianne – “If they catch me in my curlers”  You could become in Interweb sensation and a new virus [or whatever they call it].  Thanks for the reminder.  I had clean forgotten!

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