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  1. I voted fur you but when the votes were on in May fur the cooncillors
    I wrote LIARS on both sides of the voting paper.

  2. I haven’t seen such dodgy voting practices since the Chechen results of the 2012 Russian election. I put my mark down for you anyway. Lord knows why you are into these vanity contests. I’ll be expecting payback when you become mayor of the internets. 

  3. What a ridiculous voting system!
    ‘Vote early, vote often’, legitimized.
    But anyways, I voted again for you again today, for the third time.
    You’re very welcome.

  4. Dave – Welcome and thanks!  You seem to have it in for your councillors?  Heh!

    GG – Of course it’s dodgy and that’s why I am plugging it.  I would love to know just how many voters have read the posts they have voted on.  ‘Tis all a bit of fun, or at least that is the way I’m treating it.  Mayor of the Internets?  Nah! I am merely a vociferous backbencher.

  5. Welcome Jim!  Thanks.  I’m working on a computer programme that will bang out a few votes every couple of microseconds.  I wonder if their suspicions would be aroused if I got several billion votes?

  6. To hear (read?) is to obey oh Master!
     104 at present, a whole 1%.
    What you need is one of those bots that keep changing IP addresses and vote every minute or two.  

  7. How’s it going Jim?   That thread there recently on nearly killing off my last boyfriend who was a heavy smoker and couldn’t handle a bit of action, wasn’t about you.   I’ve had a boyfriend since you, who was also a heavy smoker.  Smoked like a trooper so he did.

    “But anyways, I voted again for you again today, for the third time”
    again for you again?  Speaka de engli..?

    And you can’t vote 3 times in one day. You have to wait a week.

  8. Meltemian – 106 and top of the 1% lot.  Will I make 2% by nightfall?

    Anne – I managed to vote three times.  It’s all a matter of pacing out at one a week.  And typos and grammatical errors are virtually compulsory here, mainly as a result of my dyslexic keyboard which has a mind of its owen.

  9. You voted 3 times for yourself GD?  That’s just shameless!

    It’s all just such a farce.   Where do I put in my complaint?  I don’t think sort of self congratulatory bollox should be allowed in this day and age.

  10. Anne – Why not?  Of course it’s a farce.  Do you think I would be shamelessly plugging it if I really thought I had a chance?  It’s all a bit of craic.

  11. I think you’re on crack. 🙂

    All right.. I’ll be good.   Just kidding.

    Anyways, don’t forget to thank all those that clicked numerous times when you’re giving your award speech GD! 

  12. I see you are just below Gay Girls blog. And you aren’t asking us to vote for them. I certainly wouldn’t vote for gay girls, and I wouldn’t like to be below them, horizontally or otherwise.

  13. In my back pocket, of course.  The larger denominations can be wired directly to the Cayman Islands.

  14. I voted for ye GD. Erm leave the brown envelope at the usual spot, I’ll be along later to pick it up. Ta!

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