One for the dogs — 24 Comments

  1. Already voted after Brianf gave the link.
    The site won’t let me vote again.!! Not fair!

  2. Who said vote early and often? But what would we do without good blogs the newspapers are a waste of space today. Iv noticed the Irish Independent don’t have any comments of anything to do with banks or the EU. I was just reading that Ulster Banks are giving competition on €25 for the IT disaster. €25!! I know in the UK if they write you a letter they charge you £80 but never mind the political are on your side…
    Fianna Fail‘s Michael McGrath said the package was fair and reasonable…….gobshite!

  3. I won forty Euro when Liverpool drew with Manchester City, so I just donated thirty Euro to ASH. I got it for nothing so I might as well put some of it to good use. I told them you sent me in the message box. I had a dog for sixteen years so I know where you are coming from with Sandy.

  4. Mossy – They say [and I quote] “You can vote once a week” so presumably I have to set an alarm on my mobile phone to remind me again.  [*sigh*].

    tt – I had to do quite a bit of searching to find what that means.  Thanks!  😀

    Peacock – As a customer of good standing with the Ulster Bank for the last thirty or so years that comes out at less than €1 a year.  Big fucking wow!  And McGrath can go fuck himself.

    JD – You are a star of the first magnitude!  At least you know my humble efforts are no threat in the Blog Awards!

  5. I’m having a real ‘blonde’ moment with that voting page! Went there the other day and clicked on Sandy’s tribute GD, but no obvious confirmation that i’ve cast me vote. what am i missing? (apart from maybe a few grey cells!)

  6. Mick – Presumably if you are still able to vote then your last one didn’t work.  They don’t give any kind of acknowledgement as far as I remember.

  7. Don’t tell anyone but I’m gonna have access to a government department computer system tomorrow……….. I feel a ‘healy-rea’ moment coming on!!  😉

  8. There you go.  I thought this thing was finished.  

    ANY MORE FOR THE VOTING?  (Moore Street 1978)

  9. Ah, used brianf’s suggestion and that was the first time i got the option to vote. Maybe a shared IP issue, or odd cookie prob? anyway, got there 🙂

  10. As of a second ago you were @ 45 votes.

    Not to worry though; i’ve 3 different laptops and have a script running that empties each browser cache, including history and cookies (no to mention dns cache) each time a browser is shut…

    We should be able to get those numbers up considerably soon.

  11. Brianf – Would I be so underhand?

    Doc – I haven’t a fucking clue what you are talking about, but make sure you stop before the million vote mark. They might get suspicious?

  12. Aw, thanks everyone.  65 and counting!  I managed to vote for myself today.  My week must be up!

  13. I mentioned it on Facebook and since I have a pet sitting business I have lots of friends who love dogs and your story about Sandy stole their hearts and have requested that I remind them to vote again next week. So can you remind me to remind them next week?  

  14. Thanks!

    Marianne – That’s very good of you.  Indeed I will remind you if I remember myself!

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