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  1. Who said vote early and often? But what would we do without good blogs the newspapers are a waste of space today. Iv noticed the Irish Independent don’t have any comments of anything to do with banks or the EU. I was just reading that Ulster Banks are giving competition on €25 for the IT disaster. €25!! I know in the UK if they write you a letter they charge you £80 but never mind the political are on your side…
    Fianna Fail‘s Michael McGrath said the package was fair and reasonable…….gobshite!

  2. I won forty Euro when Liverpool drew with Manchester City, so I just donated thirty Euro to ASH. I got it for nothing so I might as well put some of it to good use. I told them you sent me in the message box. I had a dog for sixteen years so I know where you are coming from with Sandy.

  3. Mossy – They say [and I quote] “You can vote once a week” so presumably I have to set an alarm on my mobile phone to remind me again.  [*sigh*].

    tt – I had to do quite a bit of searching to find what that means.  Thanks!  😀

    Peacock – As a customer of good standing with the Ulster Bank for the last thirty or so years that comes out at less than €1 a year.  Big fucking wow!  And McGrath can go fuck himself.

    JD – You are a star of the first magnitude!  At least you know my humble efforts are no threat in the Blog Awards!

  4. I’m having a real ‘blonde’ moment with that voting page! Went there the other day and clicked on Sandy’s tribute GD, but no obvious confirmation that i’ve cast me vote. what am i missing? (apart from maybe a few grey cells!)

  5. Mick – Presumably if you are still able to vote then your last one didn’t work.  They don’t give any kind of acknowledgement as far as I remember.

  6. Don’t tell anyone but I’m gonna have access to a government department computer system tomorrow……….. I feel a ‘healy-rea’ moment coming on!!  😉

  7. Ah, used brianf’s suggestion and that was the first time i got the option to vote. Maybe a shared IP issue, or odd cookie prob? anyway, got there 🙂

  8. As of a second ago you were @ 45 votes.

    Not to worry though; i’ve 3 different laptops and have a script running that empties each browser cache, including history and cookies (no to mention dns cache) each time a browser is shut…

    We should be able to get those numbers up considerably soon.

  9. Brianf – Would I be so underhand?

    Doc – I haven’t a fucking clue what you are talking about, but make sure you stop before the million vote mark. They might get suspicious?

  10. I mentioned it on Facebook and since I have a pet sitting business I have lots of friends who love dogs and your story about Sandy stole their hearts and have requested that I remind them to vote again next week. So can you remind me to remind them next week?  

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