From here to eternity — 19 Comments

  1. for fluffs sake if the world is ending soon i wish i could have known it before i wasted the morning cleaning the apartment!

  2. InisEanna – You think I should use my Irish initials?  G O’D?

    Cat – It’s OK.  Your cleaning efforts won’t be wasted as there are nearly four months left.

  3. He’s sounds more cantankerous than you GD!
    What with those hurricanes and whatnot.

    All the same, nice of him to take time out of his busy schedule to have a little chat with you.
    Ask him for the lotto numbers next time will ya.

  4. Re. God smoking – didn’t Moses poke his nose in once while God was sitting behind a bush having a fag? Silly bugger thought the bush was talking to him … it’s all in Scriptures 🙂

  5. Did he have an opinion by any chance, on how Munster might do in the Heineken this year ?

  6. Anne – Be careful what you say there.  He’s a damn good shot with the old lightning bolts as I know to my cost.  We used to have a the occasional cat in the past.  I suppose we have just been busy lately.

    Caratacus – I thought Moses took the tablets and went behind the bush?  Maybe he had a smoke too?

    John – I once asked God what he thought about sport.  He said it was beneath him.  I pointed out that everything was beneath him, but he just winked.

  7. Not Green – Everything I smoke has been lovingly dried.  I remove the slugs and snails too.

  8. Moses couldn’t have smoked fags because tobacco was first used by the American red indians (now patronisingly called Native Americans) and no outsiders, bar St. Brendan maybe, reached America until 1492. So that’s why the Bible doesn’t mention a ban on smoking. And it didn’t ban wine or Guinness either, thank god.

  9. If in doubt you can be sure that fella downstairs likes the odd cigar!

    BTW GD, had an honest refrain from our local GP here last year, and i quote “there is no scientific evidence that smoking damages your health”. How’s that for one out of the blue!


  10. I thought in one of your past musings that you thought God might be a woman?  Just stop messing with what little mind I have left, or is it right, or right of center, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh please make the political voices in my head stop!!!!!!!

  11. Mick – I think your GP is just expressing a belief held by many GPs.  I know I include my own in that.  However, stating that publicly would be a death-knell to their careers.

    John – What difference would it make?  When you can just zap up a baby with the click of a finger, you don’t need all the ancillary equipment?

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