Spinning the Plain Pack — 8 Comments

  1. I don’t know that they’ll even bother to put any spin on it. They’ve already decided that plain packaging is the next step in the denormalisation process. The ‘consultation’ is just a sideshow.

  2. “When confronted with a questionnaire people will generally give the answer that is expected of them and even then it is still only an opinion.”
    Yes Grandad, but have you seen the Tobacco Control questionaire? Not only are the questions loaded and make assumptions, but the answers are multiple choice which don’t give the option to disagree.

  3. Nisakiman – It will be interesting though to see how they ignore the advice of their own police and other experts though.  It will be a marker of just how fanatical the movement is.

    Mossy – Saw that.  Stoney set off some dynamite up in the quarry in celebration and scared the shite out of the dog.

    Ripper – Are plain packs a) a good thing? b) a great thing? or c) a brilliant thing?

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