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  1. A new mop and broom should do nicely. You could really splurge and get a vacuum cleaner.
    To go along with those gifts a new set of sheets and pillow to guest room might make your nights more comfortable. 

  2. And don’t forget the Ginsu knives.
    They stay sharp forever so you might want to lock the guest room door. Or perhaps sleep at the neighbours.

  3. Jim C – I got her the vacuum cleaner for our wedding anniversary.  I also put a lock on my bedroom door.

    Joysness – Are you fucking insane?!  Sharp knives?  Hah!  She can do enough damage with a nice blunt frying pan, thanks very much.  Not a bad idea about sleeping in the neighbours.  Unfortunately Himself came home early and unexpectedly one night and I daren’t go near there again for a while.

  4. Hey Grandad,

    Now if you had only waited a few more days to pick up Penny you would be all set!

  5. Can’t remember where I heard it, but one chap asked his wife what she wanted for her birthday and she growled that she wanted a divorce. Without blinking he said, “Fek me – I wasn’t thinking of spending that much …”

  6. Look here GD I usually check out your blog about 10 am and sometimes you haven’t written it by that time. This simply isn’t good enough. I need you to keep in mind the 5 hour time difference and get up earlier. I suggest you get out of bed at 4am, have your hot beverage, scratch what needs to be scratched and post at 5am. This would suit admirably. Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

  7. Del – What do you get her?  A gallon of 20:50 Engine Oil?

    Patrick – Damn!!  You’re right of course.  Then the dog would have been hers, and her responsibility.  I must be getting old to have missed that one.

    Caratacus – I’m not sure if we are in fact legally married.  You see, when making the vows, I had my fingers crossed………..

    tt – Has it ever occurred to you to skip a day?  All you have to do is to skip tomorrow and then read tomorrows post when you get up next morning.  [*potters off muttering about idiotic Merkans*]

  8. tt if GD posted at 5am, it’ll be midnight your time.
    If you’re checking out GD at 10am (EDT), it’d be 3pm here.. I presume you’re up by then GD!  I know you’ve the life of riley being retired and all..  🙂

  9. GD, Did you put me in moderation.. how dare you! 🙂
    What did I do huh huh!   Very strict around here altogether.

  10. Anne – Dunno what happened there.  The site has a dose of the hiccups?   I’m usually up by 3pm, but the getting up isn’t the important bit – it’s the waking up, and that can take a lot longer.  Then again I have to write the damn thing and check it for mistakes, before posting it [with loads of mistakes].

  11. I haven’t spotted any mistake at all GD..
    I know what you mean about waking up –
    I’m not a morning at all  and I’m switching to normal working hours soon.  As in, will have to be up at 7am or so.   Ahhhhh.
    Dreading it.   I long to be retired or hit the lotto or go on the dole even sometimes!  : )  

    Anyways thought I’d let tt know that the yanks are not ahead of us with everything    🙂
    least not time wise anyways. 

    btw, I was chatting to a friend earlier on the phone, mentioning I was commenting as we were chattin’.
    He  said he has your book!  And offered it to me.  Said it was good too  – funny.
    Will have a read soon.  

  12. Anne – No.  The mistake was on the web servery thing.  Nothing you did, or didn’t.  As for not waking early – I did that for forty years so I think I have earned a daily lie in?  Usually don’t go to bed until all hours though.  You seem to have excellent taste in friends?

  13. No worries GD.. just kidding about the moderation.
    The comment about mistakes and there being none was in relation to posts.
    I hope you’re not counting mine. 🙂  

    I do have excellent taste in friends yes, he’s very well hung 🙂 

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