We’re lovin’ it — 8 Comments

  1. I blame the liquid sunshine meself, not condusive to crowds, even though I could have been persuaded to watch the ladies beach volleyball in the rain! 😉

  2. Gloating is most definitely on the agenda today!!
    The last time I rang a helpline (based in Pakistan) to tell them I felt suicidal they asked if I could drive a truck.
    I won’t go back to them again.

  3. Not Green – Or maybe the Great Unwashed aren’t as wildly enthusiastic as the organisers expect them to be?

    Mossy – If the Samaritans are using Indian call centres then we are all fucked!

  4. John – Of course they have.  They wouldn’t have been able to film Slumdog Millionaire otherwise.

    JD – I thought all those lads had been hired as security guards in the Olympic Village?

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