Unwelcome callers — 7 Comments

  1. I love when the Pakis phone me.
    I ask the girls if they have panties on and I ask the chaps the same.

  2. You should have told the electric company guy that you were having trouble with shorts, see what he’d say!

  3. Dave – Heh!  Could be interesting if they turn out to be a closet pervert?  Hours of fun.

    Not Green – For fuck’s sake, I was only just barely [*cough*] awake.  Too early in the day for bad puns….

    tt – He used a torch and all.

  4. The scam calls are usually from a number in Djibouti – +253 820308. I keep the number in the phone so as to ask them to call back on numbers like the premium rate line that carries the obituaries for the local radio station – it’s an easy number to remember.

  5. I love asking them to wait while I turn on the computer.  Then off I go and do what I had planned to do in the first place.  Don’t know how long they wait but who cares.

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