Tying Sinead O’Connor to my wall — 5 Comments

  1. Gotta make my scribbles sound interesting somehow?

    Anyway I could have used the word “nailing” instead of “tying”? Heh!

  2. I sympathise, in my case I’ve just done ten rounds with a rampant bougainvillea.  It’s a thorny bugger and it’s on a south-facing wall and today was 35deg in the shade!!!   The ladder was down the bottom of the lower garden behind the apothiki (shed to you).  Any chance of you sending us some rain – I gather you’ve got too much?

  3. Heh! Yez don’t know nuttin!. Try tackling 100ftx 10ftx6ft Cupressus Cyparis Leilandii. I took that load of buggers out a few years ago myself with the aid of my chainsaw and ride on mower which I used to tow the lot to next doors field to be torched on halloween night. Lovely fire.

    I’ve also taken out four Douglas Firs 45ft tall. They were a bastard. My friendly neighbour loaned me his tractor and trailor to dispose of the branches. I’ve been burning th wood in my stove for over a year now. Noonan ain’t getting vat off my fuel usage heh! 

  4. Meltemian – I have no sympathy with anyone who brags about 35 degrees.  Our weather forecast tonight assured us that summer is continuing as per normal… Showers, interspersed with longer periods of rain and below average temperatures.  Fuck that!

    Slab – Why the hell didn’t you burn ’em where they stood?  No sawing?  No towing?  And a nice row of black fenceposts already in place to hold the replacement fence….  Some people just don’t think!

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