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  1. I know I may sound like a conspiracy theorist, but isn’t this just a convenient way of tracking the movements of all citizens, next the tracking device will be attached or inserted in us.

  2. Whatever form of electronic device they choose to fit, somebody will have found a way to disable it within a few days??
    My choice would be a big hammer 🙂 

  3. Lafsword – It sounds like a logical next step.  Of course it will be introduced “to save lives”, in some obscure fashion. 

  4. Ken – I’m sure they have thought of that.  It would be a simple step to issue the cops with device sensors.  You would just get pulled over and be issued with a massive fine, or worse.

  5. Incidentally, I see the UK gubmint has refused to sign up to this.  Of course our little lap dogs have signed on the dotted line as usual.  Is there anything they won’t do to placate Brussels?

  6. Seems to be a cross between an electronic tag and a rape alarm, wonder would it work in Limerick though?  😉

  7. Not Green – “wonder would it work in Limerick though”  Nah!  It would be nicked before it had a chance.

  8. My thoughts exactly, Grandad.
    This is another of those “enabling” devices they shit out so regularly. This one will enable them to fuck us up sixteen ways before breakfast.
    Time to leave the Stupid Club.

  9. Captain – This business stinks to high heaven.  Are we really expected to believe that the EU is implementing this for the sake of .000001% of the population?  It is purely an excuse to get these devices into the cars.  Quite honestly I am scared at the implications here. 

  10. ‎”In a future not so far away, a German scientist innocently intelginizes cannabis. The hippies quickly grow smarter and more aggressive. By the time authorities realize what’s happening it’s too late.”

  11. It has already happened with phones. Especially smartphones which will happily track every shop you enter and sell the info you provide to companies in order to target you better with advertising.

  12. All in the name of safety – They install the device in your car, then they tell you they need certain information that will make it safer for you & easier for the Rescue crews to assess your needs in the event of an accident. Before your device can be fitted you will need to provide certain information, age, sex, blood type, RSI numbers etc this will then be preloaded on the device & this can be accesssed by the “Rescue Centre.”

    Then one day a member of the “elite” is in hospital needing an organ transplant, the Grid is scanned & there is 35yr old AB- Johnny driving along the motorway, oh whoops he just crashed into that barrier & hey presto a donor just became available. No one knows why the car went out of control, driver error most likely, pity about the drones life & young family left behind.

    Of course this is just wild speculation & conspiracy theories like this would never come to pass in a free & democratic EU.   


  13. “Not Green – “wonder would it work in Limerick though“  Nah!  It would be nicked before it had a chance”

    And we were gettin’ along so well GD! 
    We don’t just nick things in Limerick.. we’ll stab ya first.. hello!
    haaaw.  It’s actually not a bad town at all.  

    It really is turning into a Brave New World, isn’t it?

  14. Years ago this type of thing would have been called Science Fiction, it still is,

    The Scienec bit is, the device, the fitting, the tracking & the monitoring.

    The Fiction bit is, that these unelected EU technocrats give a flying fuck about us citizens & that this is for our benefit & to save lives.     

  15. Call me a fogie at heart; but speaking as a non car owning citizen, wouldn’t it be more productive for these fuckwits if they put more of their energies into manufacturing speed limiters for all cars and motorbikes? 
    Benefit one: No need to worry about speeding drivers and boy racers. After all, those knuckle dragging cunts aren’t going to soup-up their 1.6 litre ‘dream machines’ to pud along the streets at 30mph, are they?
    Benefit two:  The elimination of the above issues would drastically lessen the pressure on hospital A&Es
    Benefit three (most importantly): The elimination of the previous two issues would eliminate the need for those oh-so self fucking righteous ear-aches that call themselves the Road Safety Authority 🙂

  16. Fuck it – Having recently joined the ranks [and not by choice] of those with newfangled phones, I know what you mean.  I discovered my phone was trying to plot my location “to let my friends know where I am”.  I told it to go fuck itself and removed that application.  If my friends want to know where I am – try the pub.

    Lafsword – You need to watch yourself.  The Elite in Brussels might not be too keen on your spilling the beans.  It might be an idea to check under your car each morning.

    Anne – I agree about Limerick.  Not a bad place at all.  I visited it a few times and even managed to escape in one piece.

    InisEanna – That would be a logical area for research and investment IF they were trying to save lives.  On the other hand, if you want to be able to track any citizen on the move, then eColi eCall is the logical choice.

  17. Its all part of the NWO Big Brother control they want to know your movements as soon as you leave the house. In the house several devices now in use can monitor your elect use your water use Sky TV what programs you are watching ect. The next thing will be an EU type credit card where your wages benefits pensions will be paid into and as you use you will be monitored.
    Neele Kroes Commission Vice President for Digtal Agenda dont they love their titles and all of course unelected. She has ties to big business and shady arms deals. She has attended meeting with the NWO Bilderberg Group no doubt when she got orders for this madness.

  18. Praps I have missed something, or I am stupid ?………how does it know you have had a accident ?….if it does not know, how the fuck can it inform the emergency services.

  19. Welcome Del.  I presume it has a motion sensor along the lines of the air-bag yokes?

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