An Irish solution to a British problem — 14 Comments

  1. The British Police Farce are always good for a laugh but I suppose the next thing to be banned will be electronic fags. 

  2. I can hear the shrill cries of the Righteous as I type.  Not only are e-cigarettes masquerading as the evil cigarette, but now they are a terrorist weapon as well.

  3. It was a rehearsal for the Olympic Security Theatre Show.
    That same day there was another rehearsal on another motorway where plod allegedly stopped a car on a ‘routine stop’ as the computer showed the vehicle had no insurance, allegedly and plod arrested ‘some men’ and recovered ‘some weapons’.

  4. You lot don’t half make life difficult for yourselves!  What were the weapons?  A nail file, and elastic band and a bottle of nail varnish?

  5. It will probably piss down all through that Olympic shite like it did HMs jubbly shite. Hopefully. Any terryists will be too wet and miserable to go out in it. At least it isn’t the Irish bombers these days. The sand dancers are easier to spot.

  6. “sand dancers”

    Love it!!

    And by the way, apparently the bus was stopped as a passing motorist noticed “something suspicious” through the window of the bus.

    Oh yeah? Fag smoke!!

  7. tt – The way things are going over there, they won’t even be allowing the competitors enter London.

    Mossy – Is it normal for the driver of a car on a motorway to be examining what passengers on a bus are up to?  Surely he should be concentrating on the road ahead?

    InisEanna – That old dear should have told them there was someone smoking in her house?

  8. Thought about coming over for the Olympics, but then thought again; I fully expect a few civilian deaths at the hands of the cops (augmented by M6, M5, George Smiley, 007 and some ‘experts’ loaned out by ‘the cousins’.) Thanks but no thanks.

    Meanwhile, if I were idiotic enough to be a terrorist (which I’m not…just in case, you know, NSA, DISA or that ilk are listening in), I might find it an opportune time to put paid to Manchester, say, or Bristol or even that bloddy snooty Kinsgton-upon-Hull.

    I’m jes’ saying….

  9. A West Midlands police spokesman said that officers found material including firearms following a routine stop on the M1 in South Yorkshire last weekend.He said: ‘The arrests followed a routine stop of a vehicle by police between J33 and 34 on the southbound side of the M1 motorway in South Yorkshire on Saturday. The car was impounded on suspicion of having no insurance.
    ‘Firearms, offensive weapons and other material were later found hidden inside, prompting police to take action to trace and arrest the driver, passenger and others suspected of being involved.
    There were two firearms recovered. They are not automatic. They were not loaded and there was also a small amount of ammunition.’
    I’m guessing the ‘offensive weapons’ were real cigs or those really nasty e-cigs.
    Note the flaw in this story…
    The car was pulled over because because the computer said there was a lack of insurance. They impounded the car.
    Later they found ‘hidden weapons’ and had to trace and arrest the driver, passenger and ‘others’ expected of being involved!
    One would have thought that the cops would have garnered the names of the occupants when they impounded the car wouldn’t one?
    Why would they search an uninsured car for anything hidden?

  10. I got the impression that they thought yer man was mucking about with some sort of bomb, which is why they were kind of relieved and found it humourarse that he wasn’t. It’s nice that they take bombs seriously like that.

  11. Doc – Kinsgton-upon-Hull?  I take it you have fond memories of the place?

    William – I get the impression they put these stories out [“car stopped as part of a routine random check”] to put the wind up people. Would be law-breakers are then supposed to be terrified in case they are stopped as part of a routine random check.  Certainly your case stinks for too many reasons!

    K8 – I find it difficult to imagine how a sneak puff on an e-cigarette [even if it was inside a paper bag] could be interpreted as “priming a bomb” or whatever?  Unless of course you have been brainwashed into thinking any puff of vapour is about to explode?


  12. @Doc – Kingston-upon-Hull snooty??  Are you sure you don’t mean Kingston-upon-Thames?

  13. @ Sean O’ Hare

    Yes. Kingston-upon-Hull.

    Granted it was a wee bit ago. When I was…younger.  Say…1969. And perhaps I was not attired…properly…or at all.

    But that’s neither here or there.   

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