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  1. Not the most convincing advert for your cause GD, firstly it’s a wikimedia site, we all know how ‘careful’ wiki sites are about accuracy. Secondly the domain for the website is owned by a guy called Wiel Maessen in Holland, they’d smoke anything over there!

  2. Not Green – Don’t confuse Wikimedia with Wikipedia.  It’s not a site for public editing so the platform is totally irrelevant.  And I fail to see what Wiel Maessen’s nationality has to do with it?

  3. Heh!  Maybe so, but as I understand it, he just set up the site.  All the content is supplied by others. 

    Jayzus though, you have to admire a country that has pot cafés?

  4. There used to be  pub opposite Centraal station run by a Scouser. Spent many a happy afternoon in there and the Brown Bars of Amsterdam. And other establishments.

  5. Not Green:

     Don’t confuse Dutch tolerance and live-and-live, with being bonkers. With a population three times that of Ireland in a land area the size of Munster, (some below sea level), they are the fourth richest Country in Europe. There is a saying that runs, “If the Irish lived in Holland, they’d flood Europe & if the Dutch lived in Ireland, they’d feed Europe.

    Bonkers my arse ! 

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