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  1. With the new found powers the Supreme court has granted the government over the citizens serfs slaves. I hold out little hope the right to bear arms, or even defend your self using strong language will exist much longer. Illiteracy will become even more prevalent as the government realizes it make the electorate more docile and makes it easier to train them to vote “correctly”. After all if they can read, they might read inappropriate things like the Constitution of the United States, the Declaration of Independence, the Federalist Papers, or someone’s politically incorrect blog. If you want more traffic, put up pictures of kittens or of some vapid actress who forget to put on her underwear.

  2. I still come and read this site every day and I enjoy doing so but I am not very happy at the line you used, “Bar Strangled Spanner”.
    I won’t disrespect your Tri-color ( note the proper spelling of color) and I would appreciate it if you didn’t disrespect my flag.

  3. Jim C – Good idea.  I shall shortly post some TOTALLY NAKED photographs of kittens.

    Brianf – Sorry if you feel slighted, and feel free to insult the Irish flag as much as you like.  It’s only a flag when all is said and done.

  4. Filthy – Hah!  Believe it or not, I was reading through that very site when my mail announced you had commented.  Don’t worry – I had no intentions of ignoring it.

  5. I’m here GD!  And I think you’re only awesome!  You like fo shizzle my nizzle man.

    I’ve no problem with you saying Bar Strangled Spanner either..  fire away.   🙂
    Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel as someone once said.

  6. The majority of Americans are a stupid, poorly educated, brainwashed and utterly self absorbed people raised by their parents to think they are God’s gift to creation. Which is why they can never be wrong about anything and never accept responsibility. Eg If you ask someone a question and they don’t know the answer they won’t say “I don’t know” they will say “I’m not too sure.” Most Americans have few friends. They rely on family and the next door neighbor’s BBQ and their fuckin’ churches.
    I am, therefore, astounded that your numbers are not increasing considering  the opinions you express and write about. Now y’all can fuck off ‘cos Italy are playing those stupid fuckin’ Kraut shisenhausen sp? assholes.

  7. tt.
    I think that’s a slight exaggeration. I’ve travelled extensively around the USA and find the majority, polite, inquisitive, when they find you’re from elsewhere, and very generous.
    Alright I’ll agree that any one who votes democrat is “stupid, poorly educated, brainwashed and utterly self absorbed people.”

  8. FILTH         “elsewhere” being  white European, except of course the French.

  9. While I disagree with tt’s opinion, I’ll admit that America is getting dumber by the year.  In order to assure that every eejit from New York to Mississippi graduates, they’ve dumbed down the schools so far that they are basically not much more than daycares.  However, there is always hope.  I still believe in the grand ideals that the founders laid out for the US.
    Back to the subject at hand.  If I keep rambling, I’ll go on a 500 word tirade about the healthcare fiasco.  
    I don’t know if your American readership will improve until the Presidential election in November.  But, if you were to say some outlandish things about the incumbent or the GOP candidate, it would definitely improve.  🙂  If BHO doesn’t win, there will be riots and mass hysteria.  It should be a nice bit of entertainment for you lot.  I think that most Americans with any sense are on edge and rightfully so. 

  10. JD – [had to drag you out of the spam area again!]  I am finding American politics increasingly confusing.  Is there any chance you lot could vote in Sarah Palin?  That would make life a lot easier here.

  11. Grandad. Would the numbers be flawed. Are the Americans getting your rant. Sorry words of wisdom via email. And they like me feel you do such a great job. There is no point in commenting.

  12. Welcome Bubbles!  Forget the Americans.  I am going to concentrate of growing my North Korean readership.

  13. Hi Granddad
    I only found your blog a few days ago and haven’t responded because so far I have agreed with pretty much everything you’ve written so there wasn’t anything I felt I needed to add.
    I sort of fit the “American” title although I was born and raised in Canada and still consider myself Canadian, I did become a U.S citizen.
    Anyway, love your blog but I usually don’t comment because my two bits pretty much line up with yours and most others and they seem to say it better than I can.
    I do drop by every day to read and nod my head in agreement but if you want my comments I’ll try my best to add a bit.
    Thanks for always brightening my day.

  14. Welcome Joysness!  I thought there was a big thing about not confusing Canadians with Americans?  [A bit like confusing Irish with English!].  There are times when I think inane comments are the norm here so I wouldn’t worry about that if I were you.  However I know what you mean – I read loads of sites but very rarely comment.  I don’t know if that’s a failing on my part or a blessing for the site owners.

  15. Granddad,
    That used to be true about the Canadians and Americans but since the current Canadian government seems determined to become just another extension of America it’s not as prevalent as it was. (And no I don’t think that’s a good thing.) Of course it’s a bit different for me as my mum was English my Dad was Canadian and I moved to the U.S. and now have dual citizenship so I think that makes a Heinz 57 variety.
    I think if you choose not to comment on other sites it’s their loss but I guess it would depend on the site as many site owners that I see are not as good at taking any kind of disagreement as you are. Which is one of the things I love about your blog.
    Thanks for the welcome. I feel quite at home here.

  16. I’m still here but don’t get around much anymore. Usually I’ve done something to screw up this machine I know nothing about, so sit waiting on my fix-it fella. Nice strapping young man so I try to screw it up as often as I think I can get away with without arousing suspicion. Why do you want to bear arms? Have a list do you? I hate them, so much violence here! Count yourself lucky,herself would probably have made good use of one. (not that I’m insinuating you of course)

  17. Joysness – “I feel quite at home here”  I would seek professional help for that if I were you.

    Sandi – What you need is a professional advisor – 50 ways to fuck up a PC that will take hours to fix.  My rates are reasonable.  Why do I want to bear arms?  Let’s see…  there are over 160 reasons in our gubmint, and there are several hundred if not thousand more reasons in Brussels…….

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