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  1. I kinda don’t give a fiddlers either GD.. but at the same time the parades and flamboyance wouldn’t bother me.  I guess they feel like they’re fighting for their rights/against discrimination.. they want to be able to get married and all that malarky.   
    I think they’re a bit ‘in your face’ on purpose.. I suppose it’s not like they’re really allowed to hold hands, kiss etc in public usually, without fear of being stared at or beat up.  
    Let them have their day shur.

  2. Grandad,  A few years ago a good friend, who is a lesbian, was bugging me to go to the Gay Pride celebration downtown with her.  I said No.  I told her that I wasn’t gay and had no reason to be proud that some other folks were gay.  She didn’t like my answer at first but once she thought about she said it made sense.

  3. Anne – They don’t bother me either.  The only way they would really annoy me is if I had to drive through the city today only to find all the roads are closed.   It’s not the parade that bothers me, it’s just the logic behind it.  Having spent virtually all my working life in the national television station, I am well used to seeing males walking hand in hand [and a few females too].  It didn’t bother me then and it doesn’t bother me now.

    Brianf – You should have gone.  You could have missed out on meeting your life’s partner?

  4. Oh right..  the RTE folk were a load of fudge packers huh!  🙂

    Anyways I know what you mean.
    However I can understand their logic..  there’s still a lot of discrimination really GD and they won’t be quiet about it, and rightly so in my opinion. 
    There are a lot of people that are bothered by what they imagine people get up to behind closed doors.  You still have the god botherers saying it’s wrong..

    And I’d see nothing wrong with showing your support by marching with them.. even if you’d feel like you have to keep your tight arse out of reach.. 🙂

  5. I agree GD, I never feel like having a swinging dick parade, just ‘cos I got one. I don’t want a Hetro Pride Day either.
    Herself and I have them all to ourselves occasionally (very fucking occasionally). 
    So, what the Gay’s want to do behind their closed doors is their business.
    I really don’t want my little slablets to have to witness a bunch of Adults dressed like they escaped from a circus porno show and have to explain to them what the fuck its all about.

    They have a hard enough time trying to figure out how they are going to pay the fucking Troika off. 


  6. Nothing against ‘gays’ par se either. They tend to remind me a lot of the anti smoking brigade – they’ve gotten some “rights” and still they’re not satisfied. Always bragging about their rights and entitlements in everybody’s face. 🙁

  7. If we all turned ‘gay’ the final thing that would be fucked would be the human race – then we’d all be in the shite .. and that’s from an extremely tolerant hetro who’s becoming increasingly pissed off with having to CONFORM – ballocks.(sorry – BALLOCKS)

  8. You make me laugh! Actually I love the gay pride parade, it’s one of the few times I see people in Sligo smiling and it makes for great photos 🙂

  9. Come to think of it, Grandad, a summer Smokers’ Pride parade would sound like fun and good exercise for you and your great silent majority of tobacco puffers. It may be time to light up O’Connell Street with monster floats of papier mache pipes. Think of slogans like Have a great shag of pipe tobacco, or Plug in and assert yourself.

    That would outgay the gays.

  10. InisEanna – At least they aren’t forcing the whole bloody population to obey their laws!

    Cardi – Get used to it.  The world won’t settle down until we are all Stepford Wives [and Husbands] leading a perfectly healthy, risk free and mind-numbingly boring existence.

    I can just imagine the reaction to a Smoker’s Pride march – people running screaming from the city in case they are smitten by heart attacks and cancer from all those instantly fatal fumes.  Mass hysteria.  Fucking brilliant!!

  11. Variety (no shit) show just starting on TV (transvestites) queers, dykes and shemales. It’s the Dept of Defense FFS !  Gay Pride thing for the military. Buggers the imagination.

  12. Less than 40 years ago in New York, gay bars were raided and people arrested. Less than 20 years ago being homosexual was a punishable crime. Being gay or straight is an intrinsic part of a persons identity and for about 98% of the time since ‘Jesus’ was around they risked death for no other reason than this.

    Just 2 weeks ago a teenage lesbian couple were shot while walking in a park near San Antonio and the theory is that they were attacked because of their sexuality. This kind of thing is common in bible-thumping states in the US, Russia, large parts of Africa, muslim countries, all over eastern Europe and the Balkans,

    ”I completely fail to understand this “gay pride” phenomenon though” 

    Everyday since the year dot is hetero-pride day, apart from the last few years in a few tolerant countries around the world where they get 1 weekend a year. Good luck to them!

  13. Fuck it – Why do your comments always head straight into moderation?  You seem to think I am objecting or something?  I’m not.  They can parade all week for all I care.  I am well aware that homosexuality has been a cause for repression and violence in the past, but that applies to quite a few sectors of society.  So good luck to ’em indeed.

    tt – So the Westboro crowd are right to worry then?

  14. Ive always intended to list all the popular songs written prior to the fifties that include the word gay, but i think it would be impossible. It would be nice to lock up all the GAYS in the village and subject them to  a long noisy session of these good old songs. I do miss the old words like poofta, queer, pansy and so on, oh i forgot effeminate; Oscar Wilde must be spinning in his grave, be flamboyant if you are of that pursuasion, by all means, but please stay out of our faces.

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