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  1. Yeah where’s all your arse licking commenters now? C’mon Mossy you tight twat cough up. Cricket……….

  2. tt you’re an idiot!
    Grandad, I can’t find them right now to take a picture of but somewhere around here I have all 24 1.44 floppy discs for the install of OS2!  🙂

  3. OK Grandad, I’ve taken the hint.
    Don’t know how much a pint is but I hope you’ll get a couple out of it.
    Buy one for “herself”, lord knows she deserves it.  

  4. ……by the way, just before I retired my firm finally stopped using COBOL!!!
    I’ve still got some 5″ floppy’s round somewhere.
    I think I may be a little out of date?  

  5. Brianf – I have the set of 3″ DOS 6.11 somewhere if you want to buy?  And leave tt alone.

    Meltemian – Stop siding with Herself.  It’ll give her ideas.  I’ll buy her a couple of gins though,  Thanks!  I have a set of COBOL disks somewhere but I chucked out the manuals.  I wonder if they do COBOL for Linux?

  6. What is the world coming to. Operating systems are meant to be entered by hand, one word at a time by 16 toggle switches and an advance key. I knew people were getting lazy when I saw them using 8 in floppy disks. 
    Just in case you think I am as ancient as GD, I had systems using both methods above in 1990.

  7. What has cricket got to do with anything tt?
    I’ll offer 20 Tunisian Dinars for the floppies GD – you can collect it from the Grove Bar in the Willow Grove, first week of August.

  8. Jim C – The real masters only worked on machines with eight switches….

    Dessiegee – Hah!  Good one!

    Mossy – Ten fucking yoyos?  These are collectors items.  You’ll need to do better than that.

  9. Nothing Microsoft have been responsible has has EVER actually worked, so if you try peddling that shite, you are open to being sued for product misrepresentation. Not as serious as getting caught having a smoke within a mile of a hospital, but dodgy enough to defend nevertheless. 

  10. I have no money left this month, I just bought a new shiny red BMW! (cough, cough)  Maybe next month.

  11. John – Do you see any guarantee anywhere in my sales pitch that says it actually works?  I said that it is Works, not that it does work.

    Cat – Cutting edge technology.

  12. I was gonna do the same – sell an old Polymorphics 8080 and my 10,000 diskette MSDOS collection until someone clued me <a href=””>in…</a>

    Still, good luck.

    Oh, and if you ever make it over across the pond, I’ll stand you as many drinks as you can hold. And then some.

  13. You begin the post with “The time has come to reign in the spending.”

    The time has also come to rein in bad spelling.

  14. Bugger!  Thanks, Ger.  My only excuse is that the spelling was correct, even if the grammar wasn’t.

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