Accidents will happen — 12 Comments

  1. Not much to comment on there GD. For once Mossy managed to not insert the word ‘Tunisia’ in his comment. Restricted himself to ‘here’. Brianf hasn’t commented and therefore hasn’t been his repetetive self. Not even anything for your followers to agree with you about. Ah well.

  2. Jan – So th rule is that if you are going to have a drunken smash-up, do it in style?  Sounds fair to me.  And the insurance would have to cough up as there is no crime committed.

    tt – ‘Twas a quiet day.  A quiet day that is for everyone except me.  Have you any idea how many CDs I had to use to restore the Interweb?

  3. When I read the title, I was thinking there might have been a little leakage GD.. : )

    You might know this one..  but if you’re wiping everything,
    handy little place to get all your programmes downloaded together.
    Just tick what you want and away you go.   ad-aware.. avg, whatever browser you want.. all there.
    saves you going to all different places to get what you need.

  4. Anne – Leakage?  How very dare you!  Not even the dog stoops to that.  [Well, she does, but outside so it’s OK].

    That looks like a handy little programme all right.  I would probably subscribe, but I have defected to The Bright Side.  Linux takes care of all that for me.  All I have to do is remember which programmes to install, and even then I could get Linux to just reinstall everything that I had saved into a list.  It also updates automatically every programme I have installed.  Slightly more efficient than fucking Microsoft!

  5. DAMN!  I was afraid someone was going to say that.  I’ll have to run tests but I think I know what it may be……..

  6. Jazus, you’re a real geek altogether GD.   I can’t keep up with ya… I’ll say no more. : )

    Seeing as you’re fixing the interwebs at the moment. Any chance you’ll get rid of all the gobshites on it? There’s loads of um around lately.  Not you or I now of course, or anyone who reads here.  🙂

    (P.S. hope the smileys don’t bother ya.. I gots a habit of using um.. don’t hate me cause I’m happy like…  : )  

  7. Anne – Not so much a geek as a survivalist.  I didn’t fancy spending my Autumn years tearing my hair out in frustration with an operating system that is overpriced, slow and unreliable.  I tried Linux and found it is rock solid, free and very easy to use.

    I will see what I can do about developing a Gobshite Filter.  I reckon that could be a winner?

    And smileys don’t bother me.  I have been known to use ’em myself. 😈

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