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  1. It will I believe be more of a Federal Republic of Europe rather than a United States as this would be the solution favoured by DEE Germans who would be our new rulers.

    So VOTE YES for Stability, Jobs & Growth, cos that has worked before hasn’t it!

    I am both sickened & deeply frightened by talks of another Referendum, which this time will ceed complete control of our economy & fiscal policy to Brussels & in effect to Germany. This will of couse be denied by our glorious & treasonous Government, they will as you say tell us this is the only way (The only way they will continue to enjoy perks & pensions the envy of the world) & the fucktard Coronation Street / Eastender watching public will fall for it & vote to hand away what little is left of our sovereignty & heritage.

  2. Thanks for the heads up GD I missed the news this morning was busy
    That about sums it up for me 😛

    I was trying to find an image online of a magazine published in France in 1942 with the heading “The United States of Europe” on it but I can’t find it. Mind you the magazine was by a Pierre Plantard of the Holy Blood and Holy Grail conspiracy called Vaincre – Pour une jeune chevalerie (Conquer – for the young knighthood). I saw the image in a book a few years ago and it definitely threw me…that somebody in France in the middle of the war was thinking/promoting this!

    Feel free, or not, to pass on the link below I think it sums up the times:

  3. Lafsword – I agree about the Federal States bit.  Either way we will have lost any semblence of independence at that stage.  If there is another referendum, then we can be sure that all the main parties will be in favour as they will be under pressure from Brussels.  And now the Merkans are in on the act because of course they want to protect the Dollar.

    Welcome Eric.  I did a quick search for “The United States of Europe” in Google Images.  A lot a results and a lot of them pretty anti.  As for the link; why should I object.  It is spot on!

  4. I just saw now they EU NWO are going to have another bailout to save the sinking euro ship to the tune of €750 Billion yes thats billion. That’s their ‘good news‘ their bad news its only a stopgap….you could not make this stuff up.                       Get the wheelbarrows ready you will soon need one loaded with euro’s to buy a sliced loaf.

  5. Peacock – What inrigues me is the complete silence about this in the Irish meeja.  I had heard that bout Spain and Italy are in the shitter and that the €750 billion had been put on one side, but no mention in the main news sources.  RTE and the Irish Times have no mention at all and that rag, the Indo only mentions it as a wee filler.

  6. Well, you’re right about the plan, but not on why it isn’t working. The reason here is actually quite simple: the Grand Plan for European Domination was dreamed up in the 1970s and 1980s and remained unchanged ever since. This, BTW, is why the European Central Bank was set up without the ability to act as a lender of last resort (it cannot easily create huge amounts of new money, either).
    Back then, there wasn’t an Internet. We didn’t have lots of fast, small computers, we had a few enormous great hulking monsters that collectively had the processing power of one modern iPhone. We also didn’t have a lot of the mathematics of modern capitalist trading, nor did we have oodles of frighteningly bright financial wizards busy dreaming up new and devious ways to sell tat to morons.
    So, whereas the original plan was aimed at allowing a slow, steadily-increasing level of debt to sucker the Euro-members into giving away sovereignty slowly, now we have financial markets where things happen very, very fast indeed but where debts can be run up to far higher levels than was possible way back then. The European financial disaster got a lot worse and carried on getting worse for much longer than the original plan envisaged, and went to shit much, much faster than was predicted. The speed and depth effectively preclude any form of quick fix and doom the Eurozone to either rapid breakup or long, painful stagnation.
    The plan has therefore failed. The best thing to do now is quietly bang it on the head and get on with our lives.

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