Pheedback from a Fone — 25 Comments

  1. Tim – Great stuff.  I’ll probably get complaints from PC users now!

    Not Green – Thanks for that.  And anyone who upgrades downgrades to that fucking abomination they call Windows 8 can suffer all the broken websites they deserve.

  2. clicked the link twice for this from my rss feed (google reader) first time loaded the mobile site which loaded quickly and looked neat and tidy easy to read on phone. Second time it loaded the desktop site….

  3. Hmm, one sounds like one has tested the developers preview of 8 already?  Not impressed eh?

  4. Sean – Could be something to do with cash, or cache or whatever fucks this site up occasionally?  I know I sometimes have to give it a wee kick in the nadgers to get it to behave.

    Not Green – I had a gander at it when Yer Man tried it out a while ago.  Anyway it’s Microsoft so you wouldn’t really expect it to work well, would you?

  5. I’ve got 8 working on a test mule pc in a school. It’s a real fastest finger first job. A bit like Ford cars, Microsoft are letting  the customers do the testing.

  6. Nope. The only thing I can see on my phone are the buttons and a nice picture of my Grand slablet.
     I can’t afford one of those new fangled smart fones. Mine is one of the stupid fones heh!
    It makes phone calls and does text stuff. The computer does the rest and My Canon Eos ID mk4 camera takes shit hot pictures and video.
    What would I want a smart fone for? If I dropped or lost it I’d be fucked, no toys to play with .If I loose any of the others, except my beloved Canon, it would’nt matter so much.

  7. Not Green – The only thing I like about Microsoft is that it makes Linux really worth getting to know.

    Slab – I wanted one of those but the best buy I could find was one of the new flick-the-screen yokes.  I’m still finding new things in it that I didn’t know were there.


  8. pandering to the open source community is what i would call it. They’ve turned the tide of hate a good bit lately (apple helped it along imo).

  9. Sean – I wouldn’t know anything about all that technical stuff.  I just want something that is very reliable and very fast.  Not only does Linux win on both counts, but it’s free as well.  Can’t knock that?

  10. wouldn’t even try to knock it, in fact i would commend you. one issue abour site on mobile that is annoying the crap out of me though is that i can’t use my swype keyboard to make a comment which means i have to use the qwerty keyboard on touchscreen which sucks hence the awful formatting and so on

  11. Now you have lost me.  Swipe keyboard?  Is there a full sized keyboard folded up inside my phone that I haven’t discovered yet?

  12. I think you’re a fucking genius GD!
    I’m only a young un really and I don’t gots no smart phone, nor couldn’t figure out half this shit.
    I’ll catch up with the technology one of the days.  
    I’m reluctant to change my ways I think.   Still using an old Nokia.
    Someone said to me recently that kids under 13 or so are used to the whole touch screen business, that they can’t use keypads.  I’m the opposite. Not too gone on the touchy stuff. 
      In saying that I got myself a new MP3  recently- actually think it’s an MP4 (plays videos too).. small little yoke.  Tis handy for working out.. but I’m still finding it tricky to swivel between songs/albums.. I scream at the thing sometimes..”change songs you motherf***’  doesn’t listen though.  ‘Smart’ me arse. 

  13. John – At least you can phone it to find it.  Unless the battery is dead of course!

    Anne – I thought I was the one who was supposed to be baffled by technology and that the young were supposed to show me how to deal with all these things?  I think they are called “smart phones” because in my experience they are a good deal smarter than some of the twats who own them. [not you, of course] [nor me] [nor anyone who reads this]

  14. If you have a samsung phone there is an onscreen keybaord installed called swype. Cant paste a youtube link of a demo of swype either.

  15. D’you mean that tiddly thing that appears on the screen when you need to type something?  Found that and it’s one hell of a lot easier to use than the old number keypad.  Fucking Predictor!

  16. If it’s the one where you use one finger and keep it on the screen to trace a whole word, then yes.

  17. Hmmm.  Doesn’t sound like the yoke I have.  I’ll get out the ViseGrips later and take the phone apart.  I’ll find it.

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