Talking the talk — 16 Comments

  1. and the award for “be careful what you ask for” goes to …..HEADMASTER!

    serves him right 

  2. Don’t you just love the “Everyone’s a winner” mentality so prevalent today, no wonder kids expect everything to be handed to them these days without ever having to work for it

  3. Lafsword – I believe a lot of schools have banned them altogether as they “promote competition”.  No prizes, no sports, nothing.  Personally I believe Homer Simpson has the right idea – “Its’ not the taking part that counts; it’s the winning”.

  4. What kind of a school still has a blackboard? No wonder the principal never heard of your site, it didn’t come with a packet of chalk.

  5. Not Green – Force of habit.  It was a whiteboard, and I used one of those fibre-tip pen things.  There again, it may just have been the wall I wrote on.  Heh!

  6. Well I just tried to see if you had a major educational breakthrough, nope……… you’re still blocked by the Dept of Ed’s broadband. Thought we might get all the kids to vote for ya.

  7. Not Green – Blocked by the Dept of Ed, huh?  No wonder this country is so fucking backward.

  8. tt – Pipes are for casual relaxed conversation, not for lectures.  So I’m afraid they were denied the pleasure.  I don’t live life with a pipe permanently stuck in my gob, you know?

  9. Anne – You made it past the defenses?  Great stuff!  I see you had to move to Merka though which was a tad drastic……

  10. It was when one of the junior infant kids threw up during your lecture on various techniques in the murdering of immigrants… that’s when I knew the whole thing was a mistake.

    But fair play anyway. :-p 

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