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  1. @Not Green

    I got ticked off for calling it UCG.  It has to be NUIG now I’m told! 

  2. If I were an Irish citizen I would by mightily pissed off that Spain gets away with borrowing the odd €100bn without any additional austerity strings attached while, thanks to Biffo and his crew Irish taxpayers’ grandchildren will still be struggling to pay off thirty years from now.  Is there any groundswell to renegotiate (or default on) that EU/IMF loan because if there isn’t there bloody ought to be! 

  3. Not Green – I wasn’t sure of the dates.  I would hate to mislead my readers.

    Sean – There is fuck all chance of any renegotiation.  They want to milk us for every cent they can get.  And anyway it would send “the wrong message”.

  4. Spain and the bailout their finance minister said a few days ago ‘we don’t need a bail out’ So where will all this cash come from the poor old taxpayer of course. Haughey was always famous for saying “only little people pay tax” Now we know for once he spoke the truth I found out a few days ago the UN diplomats pay no tax. The IMF is an UN outfit so the head Christine Lagarde who told the Greek people to pay their taxes pays no tax herself.  Mary Robinson shes another one on the UN gravely train who wont be paying tax. How they lord over people telling them to pay their taxes to bail out criminals Gobshites the lot of them. Its also reported that EU dippers also have some tax fiddle going but its been kept very quite. 

  5. Re. Obama and the Camels. It is easier for a two-humped camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for the Irish soccer team to hump it to the quarter-finals.

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