Some thoughts on soccer — 24 Comments

  1. I often thought some of these soccer guys should have lawn mowers so they could do something useful during the many lulls in the game. Be great spectator sport too!

  2. Not Green – They could stand there staring into space and they would still be doing something more useful.

    Sean – Feck off!  That’s almost as bad as soccer.  The only reason it’s marginally better is that people are a bit quieter about it.

  3. tt – I have no problem with you or anyone watching any or all of the matches, just provided you don’t do it in my pub, and that you shut the fuck up about it afterwards.

  4. zero sports in my house come on over, we have beer and yes guinness, lots of music (not yet on the theremin but its coming) and food, hope you don’t mind cats they won’t mind you

  5. It really pisses me off at the fact that just because you’re a bloke that hates football, people automatically stare at you as if you were Gary Glitter in a creche.
    FOR FUCKS SAKE PEOPLE; AT THE END OF THE DAY IT’S ONLY A FUCKING GAME!!! It’s not as if the fate of the country’s resting on it!

  6. I was going to go on and on about how soccer isn’t a real sport like baseball or football or rugby but I guess I’d be preaching to the choir

  7. tt – Do I sense the beginning of a Jedward fetish here?  You seem to like them.  A lot?

    Cat – I’m on my way.  Is there enough Guinness to last until this fucking championship or whatever it is is over?

    InisEanna – Amen, Brother!

    Brianf – You are spot on. Baseball, football and rugby aren’t sports either.  More fucking waste of time.

  8. John – My apologies if my article was a tad subtle, so in case anyone hasn’t realised what I was trying to say –

    I FUCKING HATE FOOTBALL or SOCCER or whatever the fuck it’s called.

  9. Your attitude is typical of those who remember that they were always the last to be picked.

  10. Welcome Anne!  That link is the perfect send-up of the kind of shite that drives me mad…..

    “Well now” says the ‘expert’, “if Jigser had scored that last kick the result would have been entirely different” 

  11. Awwww come on – Soccer is “The Beautiful Game”

    I have to admit though the punditry is a pain so I tend to avoid that at all costs

    “Gary Glitter in a Creche” pure class……


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