Irish Blog Awards nominations — 24 Comments

  1. Two observations if I may:
    The picture is crooked and
    Your beard looks like it could do with a trim.
    Nevertheless, I shall recommend your blog here and there.

  2. Mossy – Crooked?  How very dare you.  The camera was at an angle to the wall [the wall is curved so that’s no surprise] so the picture is suffering from a little know phenomenon known as perspective.   And I just trimmed my beard.  You should have seen it before.

  3. Well it looks crooked!
    I’m not sure your ore-trimmed beard would have been a pretty site – bit Ronnie Drewish !!

  4. i’m still laughing my ass off that no one noticed you are kinda holding up your middle finger as a gesture to the award….
    ta hell i’m votin’ for you anyway 

  5. I was just going to ask why you are giving us the finger. Cat beat me to it. How come the awards are back after last year?

  6. Yiz all have terrible minds.

    The Awards used to be run in March/April by a chap by the name of Damien Mulley.  He did the whole thing singlehandedly so I wasn’t surprised when he quit last year.  I thought that was the end of the Awards, but the baton has been taken up by three girls [dunno them so don’t ask] who are organising the event this year.  Hence the different logo/time/website and all the rest.


  7. Hey, I like the striped turban. Probably will vote for ya even if you do look like a downsideup Jedward in that pic!

  8. I’ll ignore the puerile comments about my fine facial growth [at least it’s natural and not defying gravity with the aid of a load of nancy cosmetics]

    tt – The Osprey Hotel in Naas.  You seem to be well familiar with your Irish bearings so I will assume you’ll know where that is?

  9. Brianf – lat:N 53.2135653, lon:W 6.6710893  If you start walking now you should get there in time?

  10. OK lat:N 53.2135653, runs right through downtown Dublin but lon:W 6.6710893 is impossible seeing that there is only 60 minutes in one degree of Longitude.  So I’m figuring that this Osprey hotel is in some neighborhood in Baile Atha Cliath.

  11. Hi Grandad 🙂

    Many thanks for posting about the new Blog Awards Ireland, I’m Lorna, one of the trio – lovely to be described as a girl again! 😉
    We’ve set up an FAQ page on the site now and will be asking more Q&A as the questions come in. 
    I hope you come along to the Osprey in Oct and enjoy the night, look forward to meeting you,

    Regards, Lorna 

  12. Not getting into name calling with someone who is clearly an ignorant cunt in every sense.

  13. Hi Leorna and welcome to the nut-house!  I hate to disappoint but at my age, anyone with a full set of teeth I class as a girl.  I don’t know about October yet.  A lot may happen in a few months.  They may even lock me up again.  We’ll see….

    Brianf & tt – Stop it, you two.  Brianf – you owe tt an apology [I never thought I’d find myself writing that] It is indeed degrees and decimal parts of a degree.  Would lon:W 06.6710893 make you feel any better?  Bang it into Google Earth and see if that works.  Or not, as the case may be.

    tt – Our comments cross once again.  Don’t mind Brianf.  He’s trying to quit smoking which may explain things?  [Quitting smoking is such a bad idea]

  14. Hmmmmmm….interesting looking pipe!

    Anyway I’ve voted for yer.

    You’ll piss it (there’s no competition Grandad). 

  15. p.s.  at least I think I’ve voted for you.

    (‘got a bit confused- it’s been a long day). 

  16. ikbenebgels – That pipe is hand crafted by a friend of mine in Belgium.  He is a genius at the pipe designs!   May thianks for thinking of voting for me.  Though it isn’t really a vote at this stage. Voting is done by a panel of judges, which means I’ll have to get out the little brown envelopes again.  [*sigh*]  

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