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  1. Stop moaning, wasn’t it a great occasion for the people to come out and watch, it gave Michael D & Enda occasion for some PR work etc, well worth the effort & cost I say.

    Amazing how they had no fucking problem getting Enda in front of TV cameras today, yet the fucker ran away from every one he saw during the Fiscal Treaty build up.

    In fact the fucker ran so fast he probably would have been able to carry the fucking torch all the way from the border & back on his own considering all the training he got.

    Another distraction for the sheeple to keep them going until “The Boys in Green” take over at the weekend, that will keep the plebs distracted from the economic mess until July at the earliest, by then all the Stability & jobs from passing the treaty will have kicked in.

    Ah sure we’re a great little country all the same.

  2. Not Green – Heh!  I did hope.  It’s dry here in Wickla so you have cheered me no end.

    Lafsword – Today is a good day to examine the newspapers.  The gubmint love using a distraction like this to publish some of their nastier deeds.  Cunts.

  3. How do those two useless, talentless, stupid looking, fucking idiots get their horrible faces in on everything. 
    And yes, the Olympics are just one big yawn. They don’t even have proper sports like rugby and golf. 

  4. Cat – You into smoking pipes now?  Great stuff!  Welcome to the club.

    Mossy – Those two are like a bad dose of the Clap – Impossible to shift and a constant irritation.  They do however nicely show the power of advertising.  Tell all the weenyboppers they are great and the kids fall for it.  Fucking sad. 

  5. We, in France, were so pleased that London “won” the Olympic Games for 2012 and not Paris.

  6. The most infuriating thing for me is how schools are attempting to indoctrinate our kids into accepting that the Olympics are a good thing! My son was told that when he went to school today that he must wear red white and blue in support of team GB because the torch is coming to other city. Well they can fuck right off! My Mrs challenged the assistant head and said he would not be wearing red white and blue and the ass head said well that is not very patriotic. She retorted, you are quite correct but I will dress him in green white and gold in support of team Ireland. He was dumbstruch, my Mrs is half Irish! She said now I am being patriotic aren’t I?
    Conversation over!
    Brainwashed wankers the lot of em!

  7. Goebbels would have been proud, after all, the original idea of having an Olympic torchlit parade was his ..

    Like your good self Grandad, I find the whole Olympic thing totally boring, so to take my mind off it all, I treated myself to these little beauties (the rustic ones) .. 😉

  8. A Grandad –  It has occurred to me that the Olympics is like the Eurovision only on a much grander scale.  Every country applies for them, and every country bar the winner rejoices at not being picked.  A burst of crocodile tears for the cameras and then all down the pub to celebrate.

    Pete – And how exactly does wearing red white and blue help the UK team?  What a load of utter bollox.  And kudos to your Missus for the perfect response [though I think she can forget that invite to join the Board of Governors].

    Haddock – Nice one!  I have a couple of Petersons myself though my pipes of choice are the beauties made by my old friend Elie [of Elie’s Freehand Pipes fame]


  9. Och, this Jedward lark symbolism of passing the olympic torch is a poor substitute for the religion that’s vanished. Bring back the corpus christi processions for some real numinous feelings.

  10. Have they stopped the Corpus Christie processions then?  I distinctly remember having to walk backwards strewing rose petals before the monstrance when I was at school.  It’s a miracle I didn’t hit anything!!

    As for the Olympics – I think the rest of the world ought to bail out Greece by building a permanent Olympic Village and stadiums here, it would be much cheaper than a bail-out in the long run and would employ lots of Greeks who would have to pay tax. 

  11. I had the misfortune to see the news last night.  They interviewed the two screechers, and their biggest worry had been that they might set their hair alight.  Now that would have been a sight to behold!

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