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  1. The comments on that Indy piece are almost exclusively anti-EU as well as being anti Enda Kenny Quite surprised, given that the paper is pro-EU so I had expected its readership to be too.  Beginning to wonder how the Yes vote won if that is representative of public opinion.  Could it ballot have been rigged perchance?

  2. Sean – I would say it was a fair ballot.  The only rigging was in the lies and threats that were put before the electorate.  I see one of the respondents suggests we have a second vote [a la Lisbon].  Seems fair?

  3. Fianna Fail signed all of our money over to the cunts and screwed us.
    Fine Gael/Labour conned most of (not I) into voting away our Republic.

    If Sinn Fein and or the Independents had the chance to fuck us over too, what would they do?
    Perhaps take our blood too, organs for sale, slaves, who knows what the fuck else we are going to get next.

    We will never have the revolution now. We simply don’t have the balls for it. The Germans got them too.

    Its time to leave this sinking ‘ship’ and find something that floats. That, unfortunately, is the crap weve been fed by our Cunt Politicians  


  4. We have a friend visiting from South Africa. Jeeez you think your country has problems. Sat out on the deck having a drink and a smoke. First thing he says is “Where’s your security?”

  5. Mossy – That is the precise level of it [and I don’t mean the missing link].  Nein, nein, nein and stop annoying me…

    Slab – I’m still on the lookout for a country that speaks my lingo and isn’t dominated by a Nanny State.  My money is still on Saint Helena….

    tt – I’m delighted you still have a friend.  That aside, the main security we need here is rabid dogs to stop the fucking politicians, septic tank people and water meter installers at bay.  I really could do with a few extra guns though.


  6. In a year from now you will struggle to find anyone who will admit they voted yes to this treaty, yet over 60% of those that voted did.

    Within 2 years we will have to vote on another treaty which will erode even more of our sovereignty, we will again be told by FG/Lab/FF that a Yes vote is important for stability, growth & jobs & again the people will be conned or scared into voting Yes & again they will claim later that they voted No.

    It is not in the Irish make up to go against the grain, we are sheep or Lemmings who will constantly follow the Leader, regardless of who the cunt is, over the cliff into the abyss.

    In the future, the history books may show that those of us who voted NO to every single EU treaty were correct, however as all history is written by the victors the chances of this are slim. 

    The only definite is that the history and the books will all be written in German. 


  7. Lafswood, I agree with what you say, but ultimately the history and the books will all be written in Chinese.
    It will be the last flight of the Bumble Bee for The Fourth Reich as The Red Asians await their turn in the wings.  

  8. Slab: You could very well be correct about the Chinese, I do so sincerely hope you’re wrong though, whatever hope I have of learning German I fear I have no hope at all with Chinese.

    “It will be the last flight of the Bumble Bee for The Fourth Reich” sounds good.

    Whatever the future holds we can safely say that We Irish do not have a Government capable of Leading us anywhere other than further into slavery to some foreign power & we the sheeple do not have the stomach or the sense to overthrow them and wrench control of our futures back as Collins, Boland & Griffith etc did 80 odd years ago.


  9. tt – I know what you mean.  I don’t know how I manage to fit the scribbling into my busy schedule, but sometime sacrifices have to be made for the greater good.

    So the general consensus is that we are heading for a Chinese world?  Damn!  That means replacing my keyboard.  And you needn’t snigger, tt – they already own you lot.

    Old Ranty seems to have eyes and ears everywhere!   saw that on his site all right though I had seen it somewhere else beforehand.

  10. I always tell folks “Everything you are wearing and carrying was made in China.”

  11. tt – Years ago everything was “made in Hong Cong”.  Then it was “made in Taiwan”.  Now it’s “made in China”.  They certainly have the right formula for something over there!

    Peacock – Fiscal Union was always their aim right from the start.  It will be proposed as “the only viable solution” and the fucking sheeple will vote yes again.  Some day they are going to wake up, find that Ireland is just a European backwater and will blame everyone bar themselves for the mess.

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