Nailing the kitten — 12 Comments

  1. I was going to move all my hackers over to your site, but it’s too easy to get in.  I like to give them an alternative challenge.

  2. Not Green – In which case they will get the same response the water people will get.

    Actually I think it was the Israelis.  One of them visited last night and registered 1684 hits on the site.  Fucking Mossad at their old tricks again!

  3. Your prowess as an IT expert never ceases to amaze!!
    However, last week when i tried to submit a comment from a hotel room in Paris you accused me of writing spam!!
    My flabber was gasted!

  4. Mossy – I never cease to amaze myself. As for your comment last week, my site obviously recognised your “hotel” for what it was – a sleazy brothel.

  5. there will be no kitten nailing! i wont’ stand for it..or any fluffy mammal >.<

    just smear dog poop on the door handle that will be punishment enough 

  6. I’ll have you know that it was a four star brothel and not sleazy at all!!
    Very clean in fact!

  7. Toper – Don’t you mean Mossy?  Or do you know more about Cat than you are telling?

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