Rashers and rain — 6 Comments

  1. Rain on the caravan roof, Calor gas, gas mantles for the lights, carrying the slops to the pit after dark, camp shop for the morning paper, steam trains thundering by overnight, sitting in the car looking at the sea whist waiting for the rain to stop. It didn’t. Thought those years would last for ever. They didn’t.

  2. Days of innocence in a Golden World?

    I remember those gas mantles.  They were grand when you bought them as they were waxed.  Once they were used, they would turn to powder at the slightest touch, and my Dad would get all grumpy and drive off looking for replacements!  I can see, hear and smell those mantles now.  Kids these days wouldn’t have a clue what we are talking about!

  3. Years ago on a marketing course, the trainer produced a raw sausage from his suit pocket and passed it around. This symbolic flaccid dick went into every hand and back to yer man. Then he challenged us to market a specimen like this and make it attractive.
    The legend of course, is the actual marketing man who, “Sold the sizzle, not the sausage”. The Irish holiday is all sausage and no sizzle while it’s French counterpart is more sizzle than sausage. Personally, I wouldn’t risk either, particularly at this time of the year !

  4. John – I’m surprised you remember anything from a marketing course.  I used to quietly sleep through them.  As for passing a sausage around…. did he have a dirty mackintosh on by any chance?

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