Ireland to be governed by shemales — 14 Comments

  1. One other thing in that report that is interesting:
    “While in opposition, Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny pledged to cut the size of the Dáil by 20 seats to 146”

    Yet another broken promise – the man is an unbelievable hypocrite.

  2. tt – Heh!  Bullseye.  😀

    Mossy – There is so much hypocrisy that it isn’t worth commenting on it any more.  If only manifestos were legally binding!

  3. Glock G38 is far too quick I prefer piano wire and nearest telegraph pole specially for them Labour traitors.                      

  4. Mind you, that Joan Burton looks like one of Dr.Frankenstein’s first attempts at cross gendering. So I suppose that’s a start 😀

  5. Yiz are a right pair of smart-arses.  I told you all before that my keyboard is dyslexic, and also all the letters have worn off.  It’s a wonder I get anything right.

  6. Peacock – Who says I shoot to kill?  A good aim will result in a long lingering exit.

    InisEanna – Just imagine that screeching at you first thing in the morning with a hangover.  A fate worse nor death!

  7. If you look at the US with a population of over 313 million they can make do with 100 in Senate and 435 in the Congress. Yet the UK with a population of 62 million has 788 in the Lords and 650 in the Commons its madness.  Ireland population almost 5 million 60 Senate and Dail 166. So what are they all doing only rubber stamping the handing over of the country to Goldman Sachs. One TD for each country is enough they dont have any power its all been given to Brussels.

  8. The Glock G38 is shite!  It’s chambered in .45GAP which is a shite cartridge.  I’ve told you many time that the Sig Sauer P220 is by far the way to go.  It’s a .45ACP known for it’s one shot stopping power also if you load it with Hornaday 200gr. XTP hollow points kneecapping takes on a whole new meaning but maybe kneecapping is too close to home for you Irish folk. Anyways if you cool your heels for the weekend I’ll send off a P220 with a few thousand rounds of the XTP’s
    On top of our politicians in DC we have 50 State gubmints and Pennsylvania has 67 county gubmints and my county Dauphin county has about 25 townships or city gubmints.  We are also taxed by the local school district which is separate from the local townships.

  9. Brianf – I’m inclined to agree with you.  Some fucker on eBay chancing his arm.  I’ll send it back and look forward to the P220.  Will it be the Combat or Compact version?


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