The Fiscal Treaty Fiasco — 11 Comments

  1. Dame Enda is nothing short of a liar and a hypocrite.  While setting himself up as a “credible alternative” to Fianna Fail, he has just continued Fianna Fail’s disastrous policy of licking up to Brussels and the banking system.  He hasn’t got the balls to have any ideas of his own.

  2. Jan M – Nice one.  The clamour here is for a yes vote from the three main political parties [who all seem to have sold their soles already], so it’s nice to see an opposing view.  Unfortunately that delegation didn’t get the press they deserved.  Who says the press are impartial?

  3. i’m rolling my eyes…haven’t those twins o’d yet? ahh yes not famous enough for that yet

  4. Oh dear God did you see Kevin Rowland’s recent photo on your Jedward link above. How fuckin’ sad is that. Baldy old fuck. Wish I had not seen that. Doo doo doo doo! Brilliant it was. Photo taken at Whitley Bay Playhouse too. Saw The Fureys there. Been in there a few times. Lived yards away at one point in my journey. 
    What is this continuing obsession of yours with Jedward? Latent homosexuality?
    As for the euro, absolute economic madness. Tying countries of differing economies to one currency absolutely insane. Fuckin’ great if you make the incomes of the Swiss or the krauts. Not so good if you’re a Slav or a Dago or a Wop or a Greek shirtlifter or a Bogtrotter.

  5. tt – ?  No photo of Kevin Rowland here?  There again, I have all sorts of software that filters out the shit [I’m training it to filter out Jedward at the moment]. 

    The only reason I keep [twice?] mentioning that pair of toe-rags is because they keep cropping up everywhere like a very bad smell.  They even appear on the backs of shop receipts, which is nearly enough to make me stop shopping.

    As for the Euro.. the whole fucking world knows that a single currency can’t possibly work for vastly different economies.  Everyone that is except Brussels and the politicians it sucks into its insanity.  The whole financial crisis could have been avoided if individual countries had the power to revalue or devalue their own currencies against the rest.  Madness.

  6. On your Jedward link in your post it is underand click on  ‘Also in music’ on the RH side of the article
    Oh and it was The Boys of the Lough not the Fureys.

  7. (Only posted twice on this site and it’s another typo!) That televised debate was a bit one-sided wasn’t it?

  8. BUGGER!  Thanks, MikeUK.  I really will have to buy a new laptop at this rate.  The current one is making far too many mistakes.

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