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  1. Statins are very much in vogue with the BMA here on the big island, but only for healthy people!!

  2. ” He reckons I have early onset bovine mastitis ” …

    Tell him to pull the udder one Grandad .. 😉

  3. Jayzus, Slab!  Did you have to write that?  It has brought a tear to my eye even thinking about it.

  4. Sorry GD, you had to be warned, God knows what other proceedures there might be on your charts.

  5. You’ll be ok GD – you can be evaluated using alpha 1-antitrypsin, N-acetyl-beta-D-glucosaminidase (NAGase), plasmin and somatic cell counting for monitoring the inflammatory process. Now doesn’t that deserve a huge big blaspheme??  The doc must be related to our GP when I was a young lad.  He was from the Emerald land – a real character.  Dead now, obviously … mmm

  6. The medical crowd have all these four and five syllable words for everything. My brother used to tell me, “If you can spell it, you have it”.

  7. “He reckons I have early onset bovine mastitis.”
    Udderly preposterous.

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