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  1. And I thought my Da was eccentric!! 😀
    Another place to watch fucking nutters is on Judge Judy. Jeeeesus; but I’ve seen such a large amount of intellectually challenged nutjobs congregate in the one place. They make Dail TV look like Mastermind.

  2. Mossy – Piss off.  I decide when I write.  OK?

    tt – With an imagination like that, she must live in a very frightening world.  If all homosexuals were as she says, they all would be dead by now.

  3. InisEanna – They only have Merkans on Judge Judy, don’t they?  Is that not a clue?

  4. Dark – Nuttin’.   I didn’t make ya watch nuttin’.  You watched it of your own free will and I deny all responsibility.  And I will repeat that in court. 

  5. Yes you are of course entitled to a break Grandad I sometime wonder how someone you can see the con tricks been used can keep going. I’m reading now that they will get their YES vote in my head I cant understand anyone other then politicians and bankers voting yes. Look at this gobshite retires on a pension of €60k a year hired back to do the same job on €6k a month. Why are people standing for this have I been away from Ireland too long have they been putting some drugs in the water.

  6. “Why are people standing for this”
    Because the Irish sheeple for so so long have been mentally conditioned and brainwashed into believing that what the line of their particular party is taking must be the correct one. I grew up in a Fine Gael household where my Father was (and still is) an active member of the FG party. At election times we were forced to go to school with a big “Support Fine Gael” sticker on our jumpers. This party mentality has been passed down through the generations where parents have weaned their kids into thinking that their particular party has to be THE party. In otherwords, very little potential for independant political thinking. Today, if I even tried to debate the “No” aspects of this referendum with my Dad I’d get a puck in the mouth for my efforts and be barred from the family home.
    Which is why today you have the mess we’re in. Why else do you think that in today’s opinion poll 85% of FG supporters and 72% of FF supporters will be voting yes? Ah sure, if the party’s campaigning for a yes vote, well then they must be right, eh?! (insert sigh smiley here)

  7. Cat – Just keep watching her ’til I get back…..

    tt – Feck off.  Some of us have things to do.

  8. Quick lads, while the old geezer is away. Search everywhere, there must be drink or porn stashed here somewhere. That dirty fucker must have a few tug mags hidden somewhere… anything, check under the dog’s blanket – (check under the dog’s bollocks if you want) and dont’t tell me there’s only old Word magazines from the divine missionaries, have a look inside, wouldn’t put it past him to use the covers. Keep looking, look under his desk.
    I tell you if we don’t find anything worth having I for one am having a dump in his drawers.  I’ll give him a break. Take 5, me arse…

  9. What’s going on in the blogging world?
    Are ye all on strike?
    Even Manuel, he of the “Well Done Fillet”, has not posted since last Saturday.
    Is there a revolution or something?

  10. one of the waiter chums was getting married then on may 14 day after manuel went from in a relationship to single…..bloody hell

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