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  1. harper, pretty please with a cherry on top can we send stephen harper on the ship? he has got to go!

  2. Did you hear they are opening a Daniel O’Donnell visitor centre. I think you’d love it 😉

  3. Val – Oh sweet suffering……..  As if the country didn’t have enough problems already!

    Mossy – No problem.  Just get them to form an orderly queue.

  4. I second Mossy’s choice and would like to add 15 more spacecraft for each of Mitt Romney’s sets of wives and kids.

  5. Throwing money at the sun reminds me of an old shanty that started:
    I was on the bridge at midnight,
    flicking snot balls at the moon,
    She said “jack, I’ve never had it
    but she spoke too fuckin’ soon…

  6. Is it possible to get Facebook and Twitter on that yoke?
    (not the sheeple obviously)

  7. Well, don’t let the facts get in the way of a good rant Grandad.  The ESA has nothing to dotwitch your hated EU, although they cooperate a little and probably receive some research grant money.

    Sometimes it’s amusing the way you froth at the mouth whenever the EU is mentioned, but a lot of the time it’s tiring, especially when you’re wrong…

  8. AM – Hah!  OK.  I hold my hand up and say mea culpa.  The funding has to come from somewhere though?  There aren’t that many people around who have a spare billion to [literally] burn?  As for frothing at the mouth – that is an involuntary reaction caused by the handing over billions to unsecured bondholders for debts that neither I nor any of my countrymen incurred, on the orders of Brussels.  Not to mention all the petty laws and directives which are passed down without any democratic mandate.

    tt – He’s still around but just not scribbling.  At least I assume he is?  Not a reason to chuck him into the fiery furnace though??

  9. From the ESA website:

    Where do ESA’s funds come from?
    ESA’s mandatory activities (space science programmes and the general budget) are funded by a financial contribution from all the Agency’s Member States, calculated in accordance with each country’s gross national product. In addition, ESA conducts a number of optional programmes. Each Member State decides in which optional programme they wish to participate and the amount they wish to contribute.

    And surprisingly, Ireland is a member. But it seems that no additional funds come fom the EU.

    Now, as for petty laws and directives… Would you care to give some examples please?Most laws in Ireland might originate from Brussels, but it’s their stupid implementation by the Irish govt which makes them petty. As for undemocratic? Possibly a little, but getting less so with the EP now having much more say in all directives, and also the national parliaments are now expected to give their opinions and contributions to any legislation proposed by the EU so that their comments etc can be taken into consideration before being voted on and eventually being passed to the Council (made up of national govt ministers) for the final rubber stamp.

    So it’s not entirely undemocratic, is it? 

  10. From this side of the water, the entire UK Parliament, quango’s and local councils, then that stupid woman in 
    Germany, in fact I think she should be first in the queue, then the  EU lot…..mmm…I’ll think of a few more….you beat me on some there, by the way no lifebelts or parachutes allowed.

    Touche Gandad with remark to AM in Brussels, but mind your back lad.

  11. Grandad,

    Whoever you vote for, the politicians get in, so I’d send the members, and aspiring members, of all parliaments.


  12. Look – that’s not fair at all – I once voted Fine Gael preference number God-knows-what – but – BUT – it was Brendan Behan’s best man who was the candidate. That’s gotta count for something, huh? Huh?

  13. Sorry, you’ve all got it wrong, Peacock needs a new telescope. His eyes must have been burnt out watching the sun. Silly Bugger. I have told you before about my Rocket Project and my attempts to leave the planet to travel to another. I have even offered GD the use of same.

    Well, I test fired the thing and it went out of control. Cutting a long and painful story short, it crashed into the Sun.

    I think it might have hit Rupert Murdoch (cunt)   

  14. Bloody hell!!  I leave this for a while while I have a quiet pint or five and come back to pure chaos.

    tt – Ah!  The Buke!  I’d better not say anything on that subject?  Heh!

    AM – Can’t think of any just at the moment.  Oh yes!  Some directive that prevents people in the West of Ireland digging their own turf [peat] as they have done for generations, because someone in Brussels says the bogs [that they probably have never seen] should be protected.  And isn’t Brussels bitching about Ireland not having a database of septic tanks? And don’t start me on that fucking  Framework Convention on Tobacco Control crap which is fully backed by Brussels and which is trying to discriminate and “denormalise” a third of the citizens of Europe.  As for democracy – 12 MEPs representing four million people?  And that is 12 out of a total of 753, so I don’t think my vote counts for very much?  A beggar in the back streets of Boston has better representation that I.

    Jan M & Ian – I’m beginning to worry about this spacecraft.  It is going to have to be one massive structure.  By the sounds of it, it will be well worth it though.  I’d nearly pay the full billion myself.

    Blackwatertown – OK.  We all make mistakes, so one vote is allowed [we’ll put it down to a slip of the pencil]

    Slab – So that was you firing off from North Korea?  Bad luck!  Any chance you could go back to the drawing board?  Make it a bit bigger for the proposed new payload?  About the size of France should do it.

  15. They should send cups to the moon. To match the flying saucers. And green China tea – for those little green men to sip while they make polite conversation with Biffo, Daniel O’Donnell etc.

  16. Ger – That is an interesting point.  Why are they called ‘flying saucers’ and not ‘flying plates’?  Doesn’t make sense.  But then few things makje sense these days.

    Peacock – Oh sweet fuck!!  Farmers “could face fines and taxes depending on the flatulence levels of their livestock.”.  This world has really gone totally insane.

  17. AM  You’re wasting your time with this lot. They come to a belief in something and later sift around for any scraps of evidence to support it. Ignoring the whole weight of evidence.  All the time.

  18. tt – or ,maybe we just don’t blindly believe everything we are told until we investigate it for ourselves?

  19. You lot don’t believe “experts” or “scientists” or “studies” or “statistics”or “anyone.” But how you love your parentheses. They are not really any of those things are they?  Not when you armchair investigators know better.

  20. tt – I parenthesise that which does not deserve the respect of the genuine title.  All the time these people trot out their so called facts and figures which are nothing more than distortion or invention, I shall continue to treat them with contempt.

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