Fighting with Mr Sandman — 14 Comments

  1. Put your feet up old chap and don’t read my last two comments until you are well refreshed.

  2. been a pajama kind of week for me, just want to stay in them and sleep unfortunately they were rather pissy about it at work, mumbled dress codes and shit…

  3. Mossy – I think after forty or so years of toil I fucking deserve it?

    tt – Thanks.  I never ignore comments though no matter how misguided they are 😉

    Cat – Pajamas are all the rage here.  The local kids all wear them to the shops and the like.  A fucking weird dress code if you ask me.  But then you didn’t.  Did you?

  4. “In January 2012, Michael Williams, a commissioner in Cado Parish, Louisiana, proposed an ordinance prohibiting people from wearing pajamas in public. Cado Parish already has a law against wearing sagging pants below the waist, but Williams is pushing for a law against pajama pants after seeing a group of young men wearing loose fitting pajama pants that were about to show their private parts. According to Williams, “The moral fiber in our community is dwindling. If not now, when? Because it’s pajama pants today, next it will be underwear tomorrow”

  5. Grandad – you are a bloody star. Have been lurking here for a while. Even saw your Youtube efforts. I would have sent a message earlier but the cat was sat on the keyboard. Or I couldn’t remember how to type. Or I became Welsh.
    Ya know – a kind of rubbish excuse…..

  6. tt – Did Merka ever have a moral fiber fibre? I propose there should be a law that no one person can propose a law.  A good idea?

    Welcome in from the cold Davide!  My YouTube efforts?  Someday I must check that account just to see what’s in there.  You’re right about the excuses – along the same line as “my dog ate it”?  Never mind…… the Welsh bit explains it all.

  7. Reckon PJ’s must be a fashion statement Grandad, they where everywhere, even at the school gates, Primark were making a fortune, oppps, just remembered they’ve gone out of business….probs because PJ’s have now been banned from every supermarket, shop and school…lol,  mind you, there’s some weird fashions these days, though think the big fluffy pink bunnie slippers gave  them away.

    Anyways, came across this today, a poignant little piece. enjoy!

    BTW which one are you GD, the guy hanging around Murphy’s bar having a fag, or the “kindly old yin” with the beard n the glasses, chatting up the lady in red?  

  8. Jan M – That was an excellent little video!  I think that Kindly Old Yin with the beard may be my younger brother.  I wondered where he had disappeared to.

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