Miracles do happen — 11 Comments

  1. A tad quicker from page to page but other than that I reckon you must have dreamt the Nerds shenanigans as it all seems the same.

  2. All fine ere me dear.
    One exception, to be as “rare as an honest politician” there has to be, in existence, somewhere, at least one honest politician – strike one.

  3. William – Delighted to hear that.  In fact there was a whole shed load of changes.  If they are not visible then they worked.  😉

    Patrick – “as rare as” implies that there are some but they are extremely hard to find.  I would imagine that is fairly accurate?

  4. Definitely a faster load compared to the shit load speeds it had previously, Geeks rule!

  5. That’s the problem with letting alter-egos dink around with your site. But I’ll agree that things seems bit more perky. Not to worry though, if I came looking for the site and it was gone I would have certainly left a comment to let you know.

  6. Kirk – It does seem to have had the weird side effect of sending everyone for a nap.  I wonder if it mentions that in the manual?

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