A lament for the condiment — 10 Comments

  1. I remember the lovely Nigella telling me one night that she often indulges in sweet and sour taste experiments like white Magnum ice cream in one hand and salt & vinegar crisps in t’other.  Jury’s out on brocoli though.

  2. bejeebus that sounds good, and i have three cats surely one wouldn’t be missed. salt and vinegar is the only flavour to eat when it comes to crisps! and since i don’t smoke i think i can risk the salt.  now where are those cats ((shakes treaty jar)) here kitties…..

  3. I like my cat so I’ll do with the chicken breasts.  Salt and Vinegar chips are getting easier to find around here.  I like Utz Salt and Vinegar chips the best.

  4. Not Green – I’m not too sure about mixing salt & vinegar with ice cream, but that wouldn’t put me off Nigella.  😈

    Cat – Take it from me – it is good.  I made enough for two days so I have that to look forward to later in the day.

    Brianf – It is “crisps” for God’s sake.  Not “chips”.  Chips are what you eat with fish out of a newspaper.  Got that?  Crisps.  CRISPS!  *Fucking Merkans….*

  5. Would it work with pork scratchings? I used to love a packet of pork scratchings along with a nice pint.

  6. Potato Chips are crunchy and salty and come in a bag.  Fries are what you eat with fish out of a newspaper.  Geez!

  7. Ian – Sorry but I can’t answer that one.  I have never tried pork scratchings.  Are they anything like dandruff?

    Brianf – *sigh*  Now tell me who invented CRISPS, and for that matter who invented the ENGLISH language?  I have even given a small clue there for you if you look hard.

  8. Oh GEEZ!  Potato CHIPS were invented around the turn of the century (the last one) at the Saratoga Springs Hotel and Resort in Saratoga New York. 

  9. [*shit*]

    But the language was invented over here!

    Ian – They seem to crop up occasionally on televisin, but I have nevr been introduced to them in flesh, as it were.  Am I missing something?

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