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  1. I hope the EU keeps pushing for stuff. It increases the chances of seeing Enda’s head, rolling down the steps of Dail Eireann.

  2. This is either the IMF wrist slapping us for the balls up Hogan made of the ‘Key in the door’ tax, or else O’Brien & Lowry Water Metering Co. wont take the government contract unless there is a fail safe like this built in to it. Do they really think we are as stupid as they are?

  3. Gammagoblin – You actually have a good point there.  Thanks.  You have cheered me up.  Just a little bit.

    Not Green – They are quit open about the origins of this little brain fart of theirs.  To quote fron the RTE site – “Under the EU-IMF deal, water charges must be introduced by the end of 2013.”  And these are the fuckers that we want to give the keys to our vault?  They are interested in one thing only – milking us for every penny we have.

  4. Meanwhile in Scotland……. Our water charges are contained within our council tax bills! Whoopeefuckindoo a local authority collecting money on behalf of a private limited company that I have no contract with. They can do one!

  5. I wonder if I sent The Gubmint (Cunts) the remainder of my lessening salary, would they fuck off and leave me alone, or would they actually come for the blood and bone marrow too.

  6. I note what Pete said this is the plan for all these bills like water, property tax ect will be on one bill this was first ordered in Greece but as far as I know they unions refused to implement it in Ireland the sheep will obey.  This is just the start next tax for internet, tax for Sky, tax for using the road [toll].  These Liebour & FG are just a shower of gobshites no better then the last lot of course none of these taxes effect them with their overpaid salaries.

  7. I don’t want to sound rude but other than the VAT tax what kinda’ taxes do you pay?  I get a water bill every month as well as a sewer bill quarterly.  My property tax is a bit more than $2400 a year.  I pay about $30 a month for trash pick up and I pay my own electricity bill too.  Are you guys really bitching about having to pay a water bill?

  8. There was talk of “deducting at source” when they realised the household tax was a fiasco, but as far as I am aware there all sorts of legal problems there.

    Brianf – Let’s have a look…

    I pay PAYE [Pay As You Earn, or Income Tax].  Granted that is small, but then my income is small but they have had massive amounts off me when I was working.

    I pay the Universal Social Charge [I haven’t a fucking clue what that is but that is levied on every cent of every income]

    I pay massive excise duty on petrol, tobacco and alcohol.  Wanna compare prices here and there?  It would make you weep!

    I pay VAT on just about every purchase I make.

    I deal with my own sewage without any outside help but they want to charge me for that.

    I pay for my own refuse collection.

    The only thing I get from them at no charge is water, and that is virtually undrinkable with the shit they put in it, and there isn’t even enough pressure to run a hose. 

    In my time I have also paid eye-watering sums in death duties, inheritance taxes and stamp duty.

    I have a serious problem with the fact that it is the EU who is demanding this charge.  Who the fuck do they think they are to demand specific charges? 

    And I have an even bigger problem in that I am expected to pay for the installation of a meter on my property that I do not want.

    I think, Brianf that if you took the total amount that has been ripped off me over the years as a percentage of my income, you’ll find that you are more than likely getting off very lightly.

  9. Collecting all those taxes is expensive. They need to add a tax to cover the costs of collecting taxes. You can call it tax on tax.

  10. Jim C – An elegant solution to that problem…. if collecting tax is so expensive, just stop collecting tax.  Simples.

  11. Peacock – That is why I am telling them to stuff it with all their new taxes.  Why the fuck should I spend my retirement penny pinching just to fill Goldman Sachs’ coffers?

  12. A little footnote for Brianf…

    I just received my monthly Mastercard statement.  I haven’t used the card in about six weeks and had paid in full last month, so I was a little surprised when I looked at today’s bill – I owe €30.00

    I checked the itemised section, and there it was again – €30.00

    Fucking Government Stamp Duty! 

    Will those cunts ever stop?

  13. We could easily just not install it”  Or if they do install it, we can just as easily uninstall it?

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