No rest for the wicked — 9 Comments

  1. Verb
    sleep over – stay overnight; “The boy’s friends were allowed to sleep overafter the birthday party”

    Origins  – Americanism of stay over; usage arose in order to deliberately irritate crochety old farts outside North America.

  2. Doc – You Merkans have given so much crap to the world.  Don’t you have a conscience?

    Mossy – There again, it could be something else?

  3. Merika was settled by all the annoying, belligerent, stubborn, opinionated, and out right criminals that got themselves kicked out Europe. My ancestors pissed off the kings, queens, popes, bishops, mayors, and everyone else. In fact Grandad you would have fit right in.

  4. Cat – A variation of the old rule of “where there’s a will there’s a relation”?  The one unfortunate downside to your theory is that I am as broke as ever.

    Not Green – Sorry!  Not superstitious.  [*throws salt over left shoulder, just in case*]

    Jim C – Actually most of my errant ancestors ended up in Australia.  No wonder it’s such a fun loving country now.

  5. Son,

    Individually, yes; many of us do have consciences.

    Collectively? Not a chance. In fact…wait…wait a minute…that’s right, there’s another planeload of Merikan tourists headed your way! 

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